Answer Thursday! (Part 2)

In this segment, some big decisions could be ahead for Pat Haden.

Q: fight on ’92 said:
has there been any discussion of whether or not usc will wear home jersey’s for the ucla game at the rose bowl this season?

A: There were discussions last year about USC wearing an alternate against UCLA but then the fan-backlash eliminated that idea. USC is not planning on an alternate for 2012 and will wear its home jerseys against UCLA at the Rose Bowl.

Q: Revenge of Charlie Bucket said:
wolfman, with trOXan basketball setting a new record for futility and the once-proud baseball team continuing it’s downward spiral, is there ANY pressure on Bounce Pass Haden to answer for the state of these two sports programs? or is Southern Cal content to remain a one-dimensional Athletic Dept so long as the football team is in contention for the AP title?
what do you think of Caesar returning as AD??
what say you, wolfman??

A: Pete Carroll does not want to be an AD. I think this coming year is a big year for Pat Haden because if basketball and baseball struggle he will need to make some crucial decisions that I believe he has tried to avoid because I don’t think he likes to replace coaches if it is at all unavoidable.

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