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If you have DirecTV, maybe you will not be getting all of the Pac-12 Networks, according to the satellite provider’s CEO. Maybe that is posturing but here is quote from DirecTV CEO Michael White.
“We’re not going to have seven channels — I can assure you of that,” White told
Full story here.

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  • BiII

    Only USC idiots will not be getting all the pac 12 networks. They don’t even deserve them either. All they care for is their crappy little team. Idiots. Who really cares. The rest of us will enjoy quality football play by the rest of the pac 12. Show some respect.


  • scsyco

    Hey Billy Boy, you really need to go see a shrink for your penis envy. Please get off our blog and go get a damn life.

  • BiII

    Nobody talks that way to Bill. You are a typical USC idiot. You will pay for that. You talk that way to me and you will feel the consequences. Thats how it works friend. You’re not going to get away with it.


  • LMAO Bill is a funny guy. Hey Bill, are you a new poster? I haven’t seen you on before on here.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Hey Bill,
    while jumping around reading different posts, it seems that everyone talks to Bill that way. You are an asshat, albeit an amusing asshat.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Regional Sports Networks are the fastest growing programming expense category for pay TV providers. Member school expectations for a huge windfall from the conference realignments, and cable and satellite TV providers picking up the Pac-12 RSN may simply be wishful thinking.

    When all you sell is video service, and the cost to do so is increasing at 2x the rate that you are able to increasing price to your customers, you either make less $ per subscriber or become more selective on which content to sell.

    The Pac-12 and all of the other RSNs need to provide really compelling content to force DIRECTV, Time Warner, Comcast, etc. to start paying you for your network. Most relevant Pac-12 football games (USC, UW, Oregon, Cal) will likely be carried by the broadcast networks and affiliates, and not the RSN. So, it is highly doubtful many people will be clamoring for the Pac-12 RSN.

  • BiII

    You will all pay for your sins. Nobody talks to Bill that way. Trust me that you will pay for being disrespectful. You show no decency at all. You will pay for this.