Baseball Draft

Bishop Amat shortstop Rio Ruiz was selected in the fourth round by the Houston Astros. That is lower than what he was projected so that might increase the chances he goes to USC next year.

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  • twenty-twenty

    We need a new coach! Our top 3 pitching recruits were selected in rounds 1-3. We need pitching, pitching, pitching. Doubt any of the 3 will enroll at SC. Get a big name coach and rebuild quickly. Watching the regionals? Think SC will be in them next season? 7 years in a row and counting…..what are we waiting for?

  • ftfo2009

    Cool story bro

  • Brent

    Is Rio Ruiz any relation to Rio Ramirez?

  • Trojsteve5

    Good question for Pat Haden, what are they waiting for to make a coaching change? We can only hope the choice if there will be one is still involved in a Super Regional. Pitching and hitting needed plus a new positive attitude in the dugout. The program is like the fall of the Roman Empire!

  • Trojan Rewind

    is Brent any relation to SpongeBob?

  • Yoda

    the fall of Troy, is a better analogy, i sense.

    herh, herh, herh!

  • ftfo2009

    Actually the fall of the Roman Empire would be a much better analogy. It implies greed and sloth, which allowed the virtues of those which helped bring the empire to greatness to fall into disrepair. The fall of troy is a math-rock band best known for F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.