Cravens Official

“Although I had many college choices, I was not going to turn my back on USC,” safety Su’a Cravens said. “I want to be a part of another great USC run and I believe the players and staff that are there now are perfect for such a run.”
Cravens is ranked the eighth-best player in the nation by and top safety.

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  • kptrojan

    Two words… FIGHT ON!

  • ThaiMex


  • ThaiMex

    he’ll just be another bust, joining the long line

  • incalos

    I feel sorry for a kid like Cravens who has no parental guidance and a lack of direction in his life. Could have been a part of the defending Pac-12 south championship team and receive a superior education. I hope he doesn’t grow up playing with guns. LIVE ON!

  • BiII

    I talked to Sua Cravens and he told me that he probably would have chosen Michigan but that his parents wanted him to go to USC. Kids do not want to let their parents down.


  • scidiot

    Great news for the future of Southern Cal. Scholarship reductions will not hurt much this year or next. These superstars should see us through the impact years 2014 and 2015.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    And the rich get richer! Its good to be a Trojan.

  • Sam Gilbert

    With those initials, of course..

    FIGHT ON SC!!!


    What if the bRuin trolls are actually USC fans trying to bring some excitement to this blog?

  • scidiot

    Fight on said,

    “What if the bRuin trolls are actually USC fans trying to bring some excitement to this blog?”

    Answer: Then they are failing.

  • ThaiMex

    What if the bRuin trolls are actually Scott Wolf trying to increase traffic to this blog?

  • Trojanfan

    Bill and Mexipad are both fuckin idiots…..what happened, did you break the flagpole….ouch!!!!

  • NJ Trojan

    Eight down, ten to go. USC still needs to add four OLs, another SE, two LBs, and two more Ss.

  • trojaned 66

    Wow….what an total lack of class by these so-called Bruin fans.The kid is 16 years old.I guess it must be amusing to troll your rivals blog but show some human decency.I would be willing to bet not one of these fools attended any college.

  • BiIl

    Trojanfan – You had better be referring to the fake Bill. I will not be disrespected. Your day will come moron. Show some respect idiot. I do not find you amusing.

    Fake Bill, you will slip and I will find out who you are. Then you will pay.


  • ThalMex

    This is what the blog has come to? Faux usertags everywhere and nobody being creative? We should strive to be like CHARLIE BUCKET and repeat the same thing every day to make sure SC fans don’t forget what bRuin TROLL(S) think! Ha, the life of a sad UCLA fan.

    Welcome, Cravens!!! FIGHT ON!!!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    It’s a sorry state that the only enjoyment comes from wishing ill on others.
    I’ll give props to UCLA for hiring a new men’s volleyball coach, Irvine’s 3 time national title coach and ex-Bruin player.

  • Dirk Diggler

    I have to disagree. Props for leaving a NC team to go to ucla? sounds like an ungrateful a-hole to me. He’s won 3 NC’s at Irvine and leaving for what? greener pastures? What a dick.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    this kid sounds like a player!! best of luck, Su’a!!

    maybe with his help, the next Southern Cal football “Dynasty” will include an actual BCS champeeenship!!!

    HAWR-HAWR!! i suppose there are some poor sad sacks in Buffalo who still refer to the “Buffalo Bills Dynasty” from the 80’s!! you go, Bills fans!!! (chortle)

  • ThalMex

    USC’s 2013 class of 8 so far includes 3 of the Rivals top 8 players. Average rating: 4.375 stars.

    FIT ON!

  • ThalMex

    Bucket, remember that UCLA dynasty that choked in THREE STRAIGHT Final Fours?! HAWR-HAWR!!!

    “Basketball SChool” on, though! (chortle)

  • lbc trojan

    USC is ranked 10th in Rivals recruiting rankings with only 8 commitments. Every other top 10 team has at least 11 commitments. Some have 22.

  • marvgoux

    Welcome to the SC Family Su’a!

  • AndyUSC2012

    NJ trojan what are you talking about!!? 4 O LINEMAN??? They will add 2 O lineman and not 1 more than that. 2 linebackers? but no 2nd cornerback? how does that make any sense? I agree with you on the SDE and 2 safeties. But 4 O lineman!? they just brought in 4 last year and 6 the year before that. On top of that its not a particularly strong year for lineman especially tacckles.They are targeting a nose tackle and for some reason a 2nd reciever to finish up the class..that second cornerback is a huge need and they have several very strong canidates.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Dirk…he won 2 national titles as a player at UCLA. Who wouldn’t want to return to their almamater, replacing the coach who coached you and has been there for 50 years. Haters got to hate.

  • NJ Trojan

    Andy, The min # of scholarship OLs USC should have is 15. About 16 % of the typical NFL roster is OL. P12 teams are allowed to travel with 70 players so USC needs to have 12 OLs that are ready to play.

    But this isnt the NFL where you can get away with 5 starters & 3 to 4 back ups. Those guys are physically developed pros. CF players are younger & theyre students with limited practice time & exp. With your 5 starters you need a back up at each position who knows exactly what he has to do on any given play. Execution is as important as size, speed & skill. And need to travel with 2 more for emergencies.

    But 12 isn’t enough. Take a look at the other elite rosters (Im talking about AL, Aub, LSU, GA, FL, TN, FSU, Mia, OSU, PSU, MI, NE, TX & OK–each when theyre locked & loaded not rebuilding). Those programs are typically 3-deep with blue chip talent. USC needs to maintain 15 to 18 scholarship OLs on its roster to finish in the top 5 year in & year out. Not only do you need the guys that are actually playing in the games & winning but you need the younger guys in your system to learn & compete for spots on the depth chart. Keep in mind that some will not be available and some will not pan out.

    Consider last year. USC had 13 scholarship OLs on its roster. At LT USC had Kalil backed up by a WO. What would USCs season have looked like if Kalil had gone down or been limited for more than a game or two? Martinez finally stepped up at RG but he was also listed as the back-up C. If he & Holmes had gone down USC would have had to plug in 2 FR at C & RG. USC did end up starting a FR at LG in Martin because Coleman (who came in with 5 stars) never panned out. The only position that looked somewhat stable to me was RG where USC was starting Graff who finally began playing up to his potential and Galten. Fortunately USC never experienced any significant injuries among its starters. Garness, DiPoalo & Markowitz were limited or unavailable all year & neither Hobbi nor Temple was ready to play. Walker showed potential but he wasnt ready to start.

    Do you really think 13 scholarship players are enough to have on the OL? Thats what youll have if USC only adds 2 OLs in the class of 2013 assuming no current players leave early for any reason and Cope-Fitzpatrick remains at TE.

  • NJ Trojan

    On the other hand, Andy, how many CBs does USC need? JR Robey who earned all-conf honors will continue to start this year & next. At 5-8, 165 he’s not coming out early. I believe RS SR Baucham & SR Wiley will exhaust their eligibility but RS JR Harris perhaps the most talented but inconsistent CB on the roster will return. So will RS SO Brown & RS FR Henderson. And we have to assume that Seymour & Shelton will beavailble in 2013 too. Hawkins would be the 7th on the roster. If USC could had 85 spots available I’d say they should add another CB but with only 70 I think they should remain at 7.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Haters gonna to hate? I don’t even know the guy’s name. I’m just sayin’ He’s leaving a place that gave him the opportunity and where he had tremendous success. He’s going to do better at ucla? At best, he’ll do just as well, probably leaving Irvine to crumble. Sounds like a selfish prick to me.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    nj, don’t you think we’ll take hargreaves if he commits? it could mean one less safety in this class – not sure.

    i hear one of the top OL in FL, tunsil, will visit us. that would be huge.

  • NJ Trojan

    Sheep, Absolutely if he’s truly as good as some folks say he is. But you have to be very careful with the current scholarship limits. With a 75-man roster USC should want 3 STs, which they will have in 2013. USC needs 3 QBs, which they will have. USC needs 5 TBs, which they will have. USC needs 2 FBs, which they will have. The other positions are trickier. USC needs 15 OLs & 4 TEs, but they will return 11 OLs & 5 TEs. If Cope-Fitzpatrick were to slide inside to OT USC would only need 3 OLs & they wouldn’t have so many TEs. USC needs 7 WRs. We have to assume R. Woods is going pro so USC should have 7 WRs in 2013 but they don’t have a proven true SE. USC needs 10 LBs but I’d be willing to go with 9 since Madden could play TB or LB. USC should return 8 & it looks like Hutchings wil join them. If USC does go after 3 OLs, that would leave room for 26 DLs & CBs. As of now USC is looking to return/add 6 DTs (assuming Bigelow is a DT), 7 DEs, 4 Ss & 7 CBs. That would leave room for 2 more. 1 has to be a S, no? And doesn’t USC need a true NT? (Even A. Woods gets up to speed USC will need another.) Of course, you have assume though that more players than R. Woods will leave early for whatever reason & USC could add as many a 18 players. So there should be room to add a few more really good prospects.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Could Ed Orgeron be posting on this site under the name ‘NJ Trojan’?

  • Edward

    Orgeron says: USC has offered 7-DE, 15-DT, 7-LB, 6-CB, 5-S, and 5-ATH including Redfield and Qualls. Many are committed to other schools, which doesn’t mean much now.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    nj, you should do your own recruiting graph and link it to the peristyle – if you don’t already. good stuff.