Camp Prospects

USC is hosting linemen at its football camp today. Among the intriguing prospects are Sean Hawlow of San Clemente, the son of former USC offensive lineman Pat Harlow and Sean Dowling of Fallbrook, who already committed to UCLA.

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  • gotroy22

    NJTrojan, what do you think of these two OL prospects and how many more should we take this year? I always enjoy your informative takes.

  • Cantinflas

    We all assume you mean Sean Ha(r)low. The way this sentence is constructed I first read it as Sean Ha(r)low was the son of Pat Harlow and Sean Dowling of Fallbrook. Shouldn’t there be a comma after Pat Harlow?

    How about a reserved section for the moronic, sophmoric, metaphoric jerks whose intellectual capabilities are limited to silly innuendos and anti USC blather?

  • NJ Trojan

    gotroy22, thanks. I’m no scout, just an alum & fan. 260 & 265 seem a bit light to me. But the both have decent height. Either could play for any other P-12 team. Harlow reports offers from Wisonsin and Nebraska. Those guys know OLs. Dowling has an offer from OK. The Sooners have an elite roster.Even if these guys don’t look elite as HS JRs USC needs to take 3 or 4 OLs this year. They need guys that can work hard and step in if necessary just as much as they need great players. Maybe one of these two fit that role. That’s why they brought in Cody Temple. And he was looking great on the DL before he got hurt this spring. Can’t afford too many projects with 75 scholarships, though.