Change In Plans

Earlier we mentioned some unhappy tweets from wide receiver Darrell Daniels following his attendance at USC’s skills camp Sunday.
Several sources tell us Daniels was probably going to commit to USC yesterday but that all changed when the coaches offered wide receiver Steven Mitchell, who immediately committed. USC planned to take only two receivers in this recruiting class and already took wide receiver Eldridge Massington.

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    It seems everybody is braver with a poisonous pen (or keyboard) in their hands than when they are

    I have lawyers write me the nastiest letters, and then when I see them court they come up and say cheerily,
    “Hi, John, how’re ya doin’!” —
    — “I’m doin’ fine, pilgrim, now don’t ask again.”
    Insurance lawyers don’t like me much


    Should read “in court”

    And, besides, we are talking about 17 year old kids with egos as big as Jupiter. So what do you expect?

  • old_trojan_93

    You snooze, you loose kid. Daniels could have committed anytime up to Sunday as he already had an offer. Now he wants to get mad because someone else decided to jump on the opportunity when first given the chance.

  • Edward

    Wow! You think it is all over with WR? No way. They have offered sixteen WR. Remember the kid who committed to USC last year, and Cal, and Washington, and wound up at ucla. Wouldn’t be surprised if they take three, if they can get another multi-position one.

  • USCFightOn

    They also pulled an offer, or stopped recruiting, (however you want to say it) to Jaydon Mickens as well. (and Pio Vatevui as I recall) With the limited scholarships I would not be surprised to see some fluctuation with regards as to “who’s in” for the final class.

  • Sam Gilbert

    So they did pull the offer.

    Oh well, I gotta think the guy who commits on the spot is more likely not to de-commit and probably has a better attitude.

  • AndyUSC2012

    Like my grandpa always said “you snooze you lose”. IF he really wanted to be a trojan he couldve comitted all month long but he didn’t. Have fun in mediocreTON oh i meant washingTON.

  • DT-89

    Lawyer John is a treasure! “Egos as big a Jupiter” is a great expression.

    So much of this recruiting process is dealing with these young men and their inflated sense of self-worth. I don’t know how the coaches do it. But these kids are awfully talented and some of them go on to the top of the world.

  • USCFightOn

    USC just got their 2nd commit for the 2014 class. OT Toa Lobendahn from Lakewood. 2013 seems a bit thin at the position and I’m glad to see Kiffin and co. going after who they think are the best long term options, and not just recruiting based on depth numbers alone.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.

    except in the case of ucla, it usually lingers like a bad fart.

  • Trojan 70

    It’s a tough world out there kids. In many instances you need to make well educated decisions quickly. That is what parents are for. I am sure this kid already feels entitled. I am sure the guys across town would be happy to take you. They will take anyone. Not everyone can be a Trojan.

  • Edward

    USC is back down to fourteen WR offers today, and Daniels’ offer has not been pulled. It is all about what these kids do their senior season in HS, and can they be productive for the Trojans in 2014.

  • NJ Trojan

    Since USC has already lined up 2 OLs for next year’s class, I could see USC taking 3 WRs this year if the talent is there. Listed anywhere from 6-3, 200 to 6-4, 210, it seems to me that Daniels would be an attractive target but his publicized negative attitude might turn off the coaches.

  • Sam Gilbert

    NJ Trojan,

    If USC takes another WR, who do you see it being? According to scout, the other top WRs offered are Stacy Coley, Laquon Treadwell, Demorea Stringfellow and Sebastian LaRue and those first two are out of state guys…

  • dtksr1

    This is all for publicity purposes. A hundred things will happen before singing day arrives. I personally wished this kind of thing didn’t happen until the athelete’s senior’s year starts. We can thank MACK Brown from Texas & Joe Paterno formerly of Penn St. for abusing this recruitment angle enough to where now all programs have to contend with it. How can anyone intelligently deal with a 15-16 year “boy” with raging hormones?

  • NJ Trojan

    Sam Gilbert, Heck, it could be Daniels. It’s way too early to say definitely who will sign and who won’t. I’m only speculating, but what happens if Massignotn’s mom convices him to stay closer to home? What happens if Mitchell gets lazy in his senior year? The last time I checked, the free online recruiting services had Paul Harris in Maryland favoring USC over Michigan, Penn State & Tennessee and DeAndre Woods in Alabama favoring Auburn & USC.

  • Edward

    Back up to 16 WR offers…proving nothing is solid right now. Two new offers are to the Robinson twins, from SD Lincoln (1-WR/1-ATH). Both are outstanding BB players, and want to play both sports.

  • USCFightOn

    For clarity’s sake, the WR whose scholarship got pulled that I was referring to was Jordan Payton last year, not Daniels. Senior year will go a long way in figuring out this class.