Opening Line

The Golden Nugget posted point spreads today on a lot of college football games. Here are most of USC’s games.

-21 at Syracuse
-7.5 at Stanford
-24 vs. Cal
-14 at Utah
-19 at Washington
-34 vs. Colorado
-14 at Arizona
-6 vs. Oregon
-27 vs. Arizona State
-16 at UCLA
-13 vs. Notre Dame

Here’s a website that broke down the spreads by team.

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    Only -16 vs UCLA? how can a team go from losing by 50 to only 16 in the very next season with a whole new staff?

  • in sheep’s clothing

    we’re favored by at least a TD in every game except one – and that’s a six point spread. that guarantees a bcs title.


  • ftfo2009

    Nothing is more useless than a point spread, 5 months in advance, except for UCLA’s offense.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Odds that wolf didn’t screw up this post? 10,000:1

  • DT-89

    I simply can’t be the only reader of this site who does not understand why anyone or anything would attempt to calculate a point spread in June for a college football game played November 17. Even the Golden Nugget.

    That said, I’ll be surprised if ‘SC is a 19 point favorite on the road in Seattle. Notorious trap game!


    What happens if Barkley gets a high sprained ankle and can’t play. Will that affect the odds at all? (Maybe)

  • scidiot

    I’ll take the following Parlay.
    SC over Cuse
    SC over Stanford
    Cal + over SC
    Utah + over SC
    UW + over SC
    CO + over SC
    SC over UA
    Ducks + SC
    ASU + SC
    SC over bRuins
    SC over ND

  • marvgoux

    At Stanford is the trap game. We are due for a flat game 3 weeks in after early laughers over Hawaii and Syralose, media expectations are sky high, every player is getting interviewed by ESPN and the bruises and nagging injuries start to pile up.

  • sdog

    @goux: Somehow I don’t think SC will be overlooking Stanford after last years loss. Should be a great game regardless.

  • Trojanfan

    Stanford on the road is no way a look ahead game… you even know what a trap game is…..LOL

  • Trojanfan

    The game at Stanford will be a revenge game, with a highly motivated football team, quite the opposite of a trap game

  • BiII

    maybe USC should learn to show Stanford some respect


  • lbc trojan

    Agree with sdog and Trojanfan. No way SC overlooks their trip to the Farm. I think this team may actually prove hungry enough all season. Sure they may get tired at some point… but I see them remaining hungry and motivated throughout.

    Fight on SC!

  • gotroy22

    Marv is right that the national media will have our players thinking they are the greatest team ever and Stanford will not be a big challenge with Andrew Luck gone. I stil think we win but it might be close at least through the first half.

  • USC Anteater

    No doubt the Hawaii spread isn’t available yet because the computer is still trying to come up with a large enough number…

  • Sam Gilbert

    Only -13 vs. Notre Dame? Are the Irish expected to have a good team this year?

  • NJ Trojan

    The Irish are expected to have a good team every year. It’s been a while…