Scroggins To El Camino College

Former USC QB Jesse Scroggins will transfer to El Camino College in Torrance according to the Daily Breeze.

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  • snarfy

    Good for him. I hope it works out.

  • ThaiMex

    Gee…too bad it’s CURTAINS for Jesse. Did he use up all his eligibility at Trade Tech? (The S.C. North Campus)
    fit on Torgan!

  • SoCaLNative_1959

    TurdMex: Now El Camino College will have a better QB than Westwood High. Shouldn’t you be worried about that DUMPSTER FIRE of a football program over there rather than trolling a USC blog?

  • BruinTodd

    Scoggins sucks! I not even no if he ever play in game at Fusc! Hundly thro sirkles arownd this condum!!!

  • Quack Attack

    Probably about time the Feds launch a civil rights investigation into USCs curious QB handling of minorities. Has any recruited African American QB finished school there in the last 20 year’s? Or have all been pushed out the door? Same thing with minority coaches as your own esteemed beat writer pointed out the other day. Probably why leaders in the minority . community prefer Oregon.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Yeah, and all the blunt smokers should go to Oregon, since it’s reported that 50% of Oregon players are smoking the hippie lettuce.

  • schammer47

    Quacker, as I recall, a very short time ago the Family of Troy tore the Blue State Ducks to pieces right in your own front yard. Has your memory gone to H*ll, Quackman? Quacker, you have NO CREDIBILITY on our blog, so why don’t you scoop up your EPA doilies and take your BEAT UP A$$ back out into the street?

    Huh? Quacker, you dare post on this blog representing our Nations Finest College Football Program, THE UNVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, without having earned a single NCAA Football National Championship? Do Ducks have Pus*ies? Yes they do.



    Well said, schammer.



    Fight on! (Troll on too, I guess!)


    I didnt know there was a law in place that states you must have a black QB on your roster. Where is Lawyer John when you need him?

  • Sam Gilbert

    I would think UCLA trolls would be happy to not see a black quarterback in Cardinal and Gold. Rodney Peete kept Troy Aikman from ever getting a win vs. USC.

  • miguelito

    yeah, and then Rodney Pete went on to be a hall of fame qb in the pros with multiple superbowl rings.. oh wait, nevermind..

    come to think of it, has southern cal ever produced a qb that led his/her team to the superbowl and won it?

  • marvgoux

    TC I wouldn’t advise using marijuana smack against Oregon. Remember, one of our basketball players, Ari Stewart, who sat out this season after transferring to USC, was arrested back in February for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

  • Sam Gilbert

    miguelito, are you sure you want to start counting who’s alma mater has more Superbowl rings?


    Bahahahahahahahaha miguelita finds solace in USC not having a QB win a super bowl? Nevermind SC only having the MOST NFL Hall-of-Famers of any school in the nation. LOL @ miguelita for being a total pansy! perfect bRuin fan!


  • ftfo2009

    Quack: Garrett Green? Like 3 years ago? And I think he did just as well in the nfl as any of your last few QBs have.

  • bazinga

    Having your alumni QBs reach the Super Bowl and lose is not the worst thing that can happen to a college program. And Quack Attack, yes, Reggie Perry graduated in 1993, as did one or more lower-profile QBs. The other high profile African-American QBs at USC got beat out by Heisman Trophy winning (or, this year, contending) quarterbacks, and they left to seek more playing time. Their choice.

  • SCTuro

    good luck JS, hope you get your chance.

  • Quack Attack

    OOh lordy, thanks to the power of wikipedia I can now recap for you all of the African American QBs recruited by USC since Rodney Peete.

    Reggie Perry – finished his career as a safety
    Jason Thomas – transferred to UNLV
    Garrett Green – white (funny that someone brought him up to disprove my point, you don’t know squat about your own school)
    James Boyd – transferred to UNLV
    Jesse Scroggins – transferred to El Camino

  • Edward

    Quack: Does Oregon have a African-American playing QB on their roster now? Do they have a historical foursome to compare with Willie Wood, Jimmy Jones, Vince Evans, and Rodney Peete? Does Oregon play the best players at their respective positions?

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    Quack Attack is showing some familiar characteristics here…

  • usc50ucla0

    Quack Attack showcased in your favorite Chinese Deli

  • @SoCalNative1959 – humm, are you forgetting who the defending Pac-12 South Division Champs are? Just imagine, if we didn’t have a dumpster fire? idiot.

    @Sam, Aikman only played two years as the UCLA QB.

    @Marv Goux, arrested players is what USC has always loved, just ask Darrell Russell, he raped a chick when he was at Colorado State, then he got kicked out of the program, and guess who picked him up? yup, USC.

    All this trOJans in the NFL talk has made me curious of what the percentage of USC players that get drafted, actually are on rosters 3 years later, my guess the percentanges are very low…while on the other hand UCLA players that don’t get drafted actually are on NFL rosters within the same time span…and furthermore, the UCLA players that get drafter actually do well in the NFL…can it be that USC players are just NOT very disciplined?


    Uhhhhhhhhhh… name ONE bruin doing well (All Pro caliber, at LEAST) other than MJD. Name just ONE. Idiot.

    You have to have a long career to make it into the HOF, which Trojans have the most of. Weird! Wikipedia that Quack!

    What about Matt Cassell, Aaron Corp, Mitch Mustain? All WHITE QBs that just weren’t the best player. Moron.

    And I’d you’re going to bring up James Boyd as if you actually know what you’re talking about… you should know he was a DEFENSIVE END who also happened to have played some QB in high school. WHAT AN IDIOT. LOL!!!!!!

    Troll on and flex those Internet muscles, geeks.