Baseball Recruit

We hear pitcher Marc Huberman from Hamilton High in Los Angeles is going to play at USC next season. He selected the Trojans over Oregon. Huberman was 5-2 this season with a 0.94 ERA.

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  • Quack Attack

    He wasn’t going to qualify academically at Oregon anyway, so no big loss. I mean, look at what team is in the CWS aftetall. Just like football, we’re loaded.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    A corpse can qualify to get into Oregon

  • insidescoop94

    Rumor has it this kid is interested in men, if you catch my drift. Is this true?

  • insidescoop94

    That was a joke of course, but in actuality he turned down many schools in favor of USC even when a few schools made generous offers. He has incredible potential and will go very far with his career. I’ve seen few left handed pitchers throw as well as Huberman.

  • ThaiMex

    ^scoop….is he the son of “MITCH”?

  • Trojsteve5

    When did Oregon make the CWS losing to Kent St. in the Super Regional at Eugene? It is definitely true that anyone can qualify to get into Oregon if they are breathing. I went to Hamilton High many moons ago in the very early sixties so nice to see an athlete come to USC from there.


    Quack Attack,

    The Ducks are as loaded again as when they never held a lead and lost (at home) to a bowl-less, sanctioned USC team?

    Nice to see the Quacks still have “O” Football titles like their helmets.

    Fight on!

    Ps. Mex: 50-0

  • schammer47

    Say hey, ucla cadre. The Bruins and Arizona Wildcats both win all important first game in Omaha. The Bruins beat up a sh*t team but the Cats beat a da*n good Florida State squad.

    Look cadre, for the past 8 or so years, since the start of our inital run to VICTORY as modern day NCAA National Football Champions, I have been a witness of ucla “cadre” participation on Mr. Wolf’s USC blog. During that time, ucla has not won a National Championship in Football, Basketball, or Baseball. Nada….H*ll, neither have the fuck*n Ducks. Not a single “Glorious Achievenent” to bring to our blog.

    The outcome of your misfortune is undeniable; incessent ramblings on our Victorious USC blog, ramblings symptomatic of Distress, Disarray, Disillusionment, Disgust, Anguish, and overwhelming Humiliation because of the pathetic performance of ucla’s major athletic programs…..i.e. an unforgetable FIFTY TO NOTHING defeat at the hands of your cross-town rivals in front of US and a national viewing audience.

    But by golly, if your Bruins bring home the NCAA National Baseball Championship this year over the bodies of the SEC’s finest, my hat would would be tipped for the FIRST TIME to your “school”.

    So cadre; Rob, Todd, Slob, Son of, Thai/Mexicali, Nasty, Yogie, “Bill”, etc., lets cheer the Bruins on to victory and long awaited partial redemption in Omaha.


  • Trojanfan

    Quack!!!,you are a fuckin idiot and opinion is irrelevant, so stay off this site…..LOL