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“Your options for watching the games if you don’t have Pac-12 Networks are to become a customer of one of the affiliates that do. We’re working hard on new affiliate agreements.”

— Gary Stevenson, president of Pac-12 Enterprises, on what DirecTV subscribers should do if no agreement is reached with the conference
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  • snarfy

    Gary, let me help you understand something. DirecTV is the best television platform on the market. As a satisfied customer since 1999 there is zero chance I will be switching to an inferior service year round just so I can get a particular program for 4 hours per day on just 12 days of the year.

    In summary, go fuck yourself you money grubbing whore.

  • firetedtolner

    I agree [in spirit] with snarky. While I happen to prefer Dish to DirecTV, Gary needs to get a little reality and not piss off his audience before he even gets out of the starting gate.

    Gary, you [and I stress that I mean you] need to iron out your deals with DirecTV and Dish and whoever else is still out there before the season starts or you are going royally screw up your network.

  • OldTymer

    I might mention that in addition to Dish and Direct TV, the Pac 12 is also lacking an agreement with Charter. Hardly a minor player…

  • steve49

    Not on FIOS? I agree with above.

  • trojangirl90066

    Ridiculous! They need to wake up and get on board with Directv, Dish, FIOS and others. No one is going to switch to an inferior provider to watch a few football games. Hopefully they only broadcast home games so I will be there in person. Will miss the DVR version to watch the game again but not enough to switch from Directv.

  • Dirk Diggler

    “Let them eat cake.” – Gary Stevenson

  • W.E.B. Dupree


  • in sheep’s clothing

    i have a friend that just got directv; i notified him of this issue. he said he gets the nfl package and he’s not going back to local cable for a few stanford games(he’s from nocal). this is solely a pac12 network problem.