Ellison Add

Here’s another story on former USC safety Kevin Ellison that adds this detail: “Wednesday night (Ellison) started sending out texts to people claiming he was Jesus and was part of the second coming.”

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  • Sam Gilbert

    I heard Rick Neuheisel sent out the same kind of texts. But he only burned down something figuratively… the UCLA football program.

  • miguelito

    what a loser….sc produces men who suck at life.

    light on kevin

  • incalos

    SCum bags. Maybe he can Raise Junior from the DEAD!!!

  • trojaned 66

    What a bunch of classy Ruins…..maybe he can raise that cheating John wooden while he’s at it.

  • schammer47

    miguelito, incalos

    My guess is neither one of you classless d*cks even attended high school but consider this: Arizona 4 ucla shut the h*ll out 0. Both of you f*ckups may end up SUCKING HIND T*T YET ANOTHER TIME should ucla get sent home early. Tough not being one of us……..THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, NUMBER ONE !!!

    FIGHT ON !!!

  • sam

    Wonder if the narcotic addiction finally caught up to him.
    He faces a minimum of five and up to 20 years in federal prison, if convicted.
    Sad and disturbing.


    miguelita, incalos: 50-0

  • Bluerhino45

    LoL inCarlos still using that not so heteral tag I see.

  • Bluerhino45

    LoL inCarlos still using that not so heteral tag I see.


    Well, that’s a relief, sort of.

    Obviously this was drug-induced behavior and not the result of a mental deficiency, which would have been more devastating.

    Still, he’s now got to face up to what he did

  • Trojan Conquest

    Commenting on someone who is obviously having mental health issues is as low as can be. But seriously who is surprised by these maggots.

  • calkidd32

    really sad story. Ellison is within the normal age range for the onset of disorders such as schizophrenia…and as a counselor, his behavior seems in line with a mental break.

    people can point to this issue being “drug induced” but in reality, many individuals with schizophrenia self-medicate with marijuana and other types of drugs.

    I certainly hope he gets the help he needs. And as for the negative comments, I know it’s a sports blog but c’mon…let’s have some common decency. This isn’t like ragging on a player for missing a field goal. This is a potentially life-altering situation this young man and his family are faced with.

  • Mrtravlear726

    Incalos, do you cheer when players from the other team get injured?

  • I was going to be sympathetic about Ellison’s obvious serious mental health issues…then I read scammer47’s comments, and I was going to write something nasty about Ellis, but on the second thought, scammer47 is a piece of shit and it’s not Ellison’s fault that big turds like scammer47 is a USC fan.

    So I will say this: How sad indeed that someone with so much God given talent could have lost it completely to the point of not caring how many people would lose their lives in that fire, and his claim of being Jesus is just way over the top.

    I sure hope Ellison gets the help he needs and is kept from doing harm to himself or others. God please help Kevin Ellison, I will have him in my prayers, and I hope many of you as well.

    My fellow Bruins, this is one time that we shall refrain from bashing someone like Kevin Ellison, let’s pray for him instead.

  • AJTovar

    This has nothing to do with USC or UCLA. This is a poor man who is obviously suffering from some sort of mental break. As much as I despise him, Pete Carroll is not responsible, nor is Mike Garrett. This is just a very sad situation that anybody with a human heart should be sad about. I wish the young lad recovery from this horrible in incident.

  • ThaiMex

    Bruin Rob…as usual..you speak with wisdom and truth. There is IRON in your words, regarding both Ellison and Scammer. Pathetic they are, as hate leads to fear..(OOPS!!!!)
    No, Ellison has not heard from God, though perhaps he will hear our prayers. Meditate on this, the Cadre will.
    Disgraced once again, fit on, LIMBO U!

  • Edward

    ThaiMex; Did you make this comment on June 15? “It’s nice to see NATIONAL HEADLINES just about EVERY week, of another Torgan Goof Ball doing something stupid.” (Re: June 14 Wolf post: “ELLISON ARRESTED”) Exactly what “fear” does your “hate” lead to?


    He’s a coward, Edward.