Hutchings Update

Linebacker Michael Hutchings tweeted today he will make his college decision July 1. USC is considered the frontrunner.

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  • USC – 714

    On a different note, some well known doctor name Dr Silverman said he thinks Robert Woods needs a 2nd ankle surgery, saying that Woods may have “ankle instability”

    Just wondering other people’s thoughts on this…

  • Trojanfan

    Great!!!, just what we all need to hear….


    This is the sort of trouble that a school can run into with only 75 scholies to offer instead of 85– lack of depth.

    Of course, SC is pretty deep with its wideouts, but aside from Lee they are relatively inexperienced.

  • Trojan Conquest

    USC-714….not too worried about a doctor diagnosing a patient he’s never seen. Not what I’d call real medical ethics.

  • Trojanfan


  • SCTuro

    Hutchings would be a nice addition. Fight On!

  • Sam Gilbert

    Why would this Lance Silverman have any insight into Robert Woods condition? If he was privy to any personal information he wouldn’t be allowed to reveal it.

  • Trojan Conquest

    From looking at his website, Lance Silverman is in business to promote Lance Silverman.

  • NJ Trojan

    Man, 9/2 is a long way off. Let’s talk LBs. So, baring injury, Dawson is set as the starting ML for two years, right? Does anybody think Star could supplant him? And what about Ruffin? That kid looks like he could play DE or TE. I thought he was coming in to play on the outside but Kiffin penciled him in the middle. Ruffin’s not really going to be the 3rd string ML, is he? I think that’s Andrew’s job, or maybe Kelley’s, no? Ruffin would seem to have the perfect size and skill set to play the elephant position, no? I’ve got to assume one of these 5 should be lining up on the outside. 5 MLs is 1-2 too many.

    It seems to me that USC is actually playing a 4-2-5, with Bailey & Burnett as the one-two SLs. Is Sarao ready to step up if Pullard goes down on the weakside? Is Sarao really only 210 lbs? Given that size, I’m surprised he’s not lining up behind Bailey.

    What happened with Marquis Simmons? The guy was supposed to be one of the best LBs in the country and one of the best players in the state coming out of HS.

    So USC has 9 LBs for 2012. They will lose 2 (Kelley & Burnett), so they need at least 2 more (having Madden at TB will be a luxury). Hutchings and …? Or do they take an extra S & convert one of them to Bailey’s position?

  • dtksr1

    NJ Trojan you make some good “what if” questions. I cannot separate the fact the last 2 LB position coaches seemed perplexed, especially coach Barry who left to take a lesser paid NFL job with the chargers. It was said from some sources that player positions & game positioning (hello) were not to the liking of the LB coach who you would think, knew his players better than anyone else on the coaching staff.
    Having said that, I sense that Kiffin & Monte are doing some LB modeling from those Miami-Florida St teams of the past that had beefed up safeties play LB. I think we can all remember some poor moves Kiffin made in who played middle & outside backers. When you’re messing with a player’s mind in the position he feels most comfortable with, it rarely is a good thing!

  • in sheep’s clothing

    to focus on ruffin: is he too big for lb in our smaller, more agile, spread-offense defending linebacking philosophy? de or elephant would seem to be a natural progression at his size.