USC No. 2

USC is No. 2 behind LSU if you compile the preseason rankings of the three major football magazines (Lindys, Athlon, Phil Steele). Here’s a website that uses a point system to reach a consensus of the magazine’s picks.

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  • scidiot

    Ending up #2, prior to BCS championship game, is fine by me. Brings up an interesting question. Would it be better to go to the BCS title game and lose, or go to the Rose Bowl and win?

  • SCTuro

    Winning is always better. Ask the ruins…


    Unfortunately the Rose Bowl game has become a step-sister’s bowl game except for the one year in four when it hosts the national championship game. Nobody ever remembers any bowl except for the national championship bowl game, and even that fades from memory pretty quickly i.e. who won 4 or 5-years ago?

    And so it looks as if the title game is between the winner of the West, SC-Oregon, and the winner of the Southeast, LSU-Alabama, with Oklahoma standing around with an outsider’s chance.

    The balance of the schools (some 100 or so) can be like dogs fighting for the crumbs falling off the elites’ table.

  • schammer47

    Excellent question, scidiot !!! A question our “Wolfie” should have asked his blogers.

    Definitely, WINNING THE ROSE BOWL in front of 50,000 plus pumped up members of the TROJAN FAMILY, including millions of Nation wide Trojan Enthusiasts who will revel in the Tournament of Roses Parade featuring Traveler, the Trojan cheerleaders and the Trojan Marching Band followed by a Glorious Rose Bowl triumph.

    Having participated in one Rose Bowl Game and attended two others during my 4 year stay at USC, it is the PINNACLE of the Collegiate Experience !!! The only thing comparable would be a BCS Championship Victory earned in the Rose Bowl Stadium itself or in Phoenix, AR. The H*ll with New Orleans and Miami.


  • ThaiMex

    So shammer…so did people call you “SISSY” because you were in the BAND and enjoyed twirling the Baton? A bit “QUEER”, but we love you anyway big guy!
    fit on torgan!

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    Looks like our boy Thai is extra angry today. I wonder why.

  • ftfo2009

    Someone’s jimmies are rustled…




  • Sooooo Scammer47 participated in the Rose Bowl festivities as part of the USC band, my guess is he was the baton twirler or if he’s talented enough he may played the “skin flute”, or maybe both? yeah, me thinks both.

  • NJ Trojan

    scidiot: Remember when all that really mattered ws beating UCLA, beating Notre Dame & winning the Rose Bowl?