Morning Buzz

USC wide receiver Robert Woods is icing his ankle three-to-four times a day as he continues to deal with the inflammation in his injured anklle from last season.

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    Hoping for a speedier recovery these next two months for Woody Woods. Not just for his contribution on the field, but for his maturity and leadership. No player on this team deserves more success for working hard than he does.
    He’s a true Trojan and perfect role model for the younger guys.

    Fight on #2!


  • miguelito

    good luck with that

    everytime the guy gets tackled the defenders are going to wrench that thing really good.

  • NJ Trojan

    From Wikipedia on Howard Jones: Moments before a USC-Stanford game, Jones visited the Stanford locker room and discovered Stanford All-American halfback Bobby Grayson was nursing an injured knee. Jones returned to the USC quarters and instructed his players to avoid hitting Grayson in the crippled leg. They never did.

  • trojaned 66

    The first time I ever agreed with Miguelito…..the game is different today…there is a lot more at stake……Woods ankle will be a target


    The biggest change is probably money.

    Kids who make it to the college level of football on scholarship all think they are going to make big bucks at the next level i.e. NFL. I mean, afterall, they were the biggest thing not only at their school but at least in their league to have earned a scholie

    Now, what do these kids have to do to make it to the NFL? They had better be man-eating sharks on the field if they want to have a chance.

    And of course there is the idea that people are less nice than they used to be. Good golly Miss Molly, Howard Jones was back in the 20s and 30s when people were actually polite, even to strangers.

    Those days, as they say, are ‘gone with the wind.’ And never to return (well, maybe in 100 or 200 years from now, but it will be a long time coming back)

  • Lane Kiffin

    What will Goatboy Kiffin do !!!! if he cannot throw 25 bubble screens to Woods every game.
    Btw, way to ruin this kid Goatboy … you moron. How about coming up with a real offense instead of this crap 1990’s copy cat garbage.

  • ftfo2009

    Actually the most receptions Woods had in a game was 17, which would make 25 bubbles screens pretty impressive.