Odds And Ends

USC is the favorite to win the national title at 3-1 odds according to Bovada. Oregon’s odds are 12-1. Full list after the jump.

USC 3/1

Alabama 11/2

LSU 11/2

Oklahoma 10/1

Florida State 12/1

Oregon 12/1

Georgia 14/1

Arkansas 20/1

Michigan 20/1

Notre Dame 28/1

Texas 28/1

Virginia Tech 30/1

West Virginia 30/1

South Carolina 30/1

Clemson 33/1

Nebraska 40/1

Wisconsin 40/1

Florida 50/1

TCU 50/1

Auburn 60/1

Michigan State 60/1

Boise State 65/1

Kansas State 75/1

Miami (Florida) 75/1

Oklahoma State 80/1

Mississippi State 100/1

Missouri 100/1

Texas A&M 100/1

Tennessee 125/1

Cincinnati 150/1

Iowa 150/1

Louisville 150/1

Penn State 150/1

Arizona 200/1

Boston College 200/1

BYU 200/1

California 200/1

Georgia Tech 200/1

Pittsburgh 200/1

Stanford 200/1

UCLA 200/1

Washington 200/1

NC State 250/1

South Florida 250/1

UCLA 250/1

Oregon State 300/1

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  • ftfo2009

    Why is UCLA on this list twice?

  • scidiot


    I think they really wanted ucla as 450/1. Still a sucker bet.

  • scidiot

    My apologies to the bRuins. Notre Dame at 28/1 is the sucker bet. Oregon at 12/1 is not bad, but best value appears to be Wisconsin at 40/1.

  • Globe

    It’s a typo. The 200-1 is their odds of beating SC this season.


    I’m not afraid to say it. I believe USC wins a BCS title this season. I wouldn’t be disappointed at a Rose Bowl one bit, as it’s always a blast winning a BCS game in the stadium UCLA loses in every Saturday. But I do believe SC wins in South Beach. I don’t know that any teams will go undefeated en route, however.

    Fight on!


    Ps. Odds on UCLA being above .500?


    Could you even find a bettor willing to wage that UCKLA will win the 2012 National Football Championship?

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Lawyer John, such a bettor might as well just buy lottery tickets.

  • scidiot


    I think there is a 75% chance the bRuins go 7-5, anything less would be a big disappointment, especially after their PAC-12 South Championship*.

    Who has the best chance at going undefeated?
    Oklahoma, FSU, USC, Oregon, Wisconsin, Alabama or LSU? (Anyone, excluding those playing on blue turf, left off the list?)

  • SCTuro

    scidiot, I actually do agree with you. I think UCLA loses to Nebraska, Oregon, and SC without a doubt. I think they fall asleep in one or two others against Cal, U-dub, or Utah. They should expect to finish 2nd or 3rd in the South.

  • ftfo2009

    If I was UCLA, I’d be worried about the Arizona schools.

  • usc50ucla0

    1-0 08/30 at Rice (107)
    1-1 09/08 vs. Nebraska(14)
    1-2 09/15 vs. Houston (70)
    2-2 09/22 vs. Oregon State (61)
    3-2 09/29 at Colorado (84)
    3-3 10/06 at California (38)
    3-4 10/13 vs. Utah (33)
    4-4 10/27 at Arizona State (55)
    4-5 11/03 vs. Arizona (43)
    5-5 11/10 at Washington State (51)
    5-6 11/17 vs. USC (1)
    5-7 11/24 vs. Stanford (21)

    Oregon and Washington are off their conference schedule. No petitioning the NCAA for post season considerations this year lil bear.