USC No. 8

The NCAA released APR scores today and USC’s football program ranked eighth in the Pac-12 with a score of 947. A four-year score of 900 leads to postseason bans and a record 10 basketball teams received the ban this year.
List of Pac-12 football scores after the jump:

1, Stanford 977
2, Utah 966
3, UCLA, 956
4, Oregon St. 955
5, Arizona 951
6, Washington 949
7, Oregon 948
8, USC 947
9, Colorado 938
10, Arizona State 937
11, Cal 936
12, Washington St. 933

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  • scidiot


    Where is the reporting on this. Do transfers count against the number? What about those leaving early for the NFL? Given that there was a litte turmoil surrounding the change in coaches, sanctions, etc. in the last four year period what effect, if any, did this have on Southern Cal’s score.

  • sdog

    @scidiot: My understanding is it depends on whether the athlete is academically ineligible at the time he transfers, drops out, or leaves for the NFL. The school is penalized only if the athlete is ineligible at the time. If he leaves in good standing there is no penalty. The problem USC will face while under sanctions is the APR is based on a percentage of total scholarship players. Since USC is limited to 75 scholarships, a few ineligible athletes will have a greater impact on the APR score as opposed to teams that have a full complement of 85 athletes. Yet another way the NCAA is sticking it to SC.


    zZzZz… the sports that nobody pays attention to have good “student-athletes.” the sports that everybody loves (football, basketball) don’t. I wouldn’t include baseball players as they’re typically a little more intelligent in my opinion. Point is.. NOBODY cares what grades the football team has… they care about the SCOREBOARD! stop deflecting from that, UCLA fans, bc I know Bucket (ThiMix) will jump in soon. Or will it be miguelita? or spedjones? or some other troll?


  • datrout

    Really? Who cares? APR scores are now being smack talked?

  • Lane Kiffin

    Where do you think Goatboy Kiffin ranks in the conference academically. The tard, who they say attended Fresno State as a ‘ leisure studies moron ‘ probably is below everyone but that dumb brother from CU … and maybe dumb lard butt Suckisian. But at least Suckisian knows he is a dumb fraud.

  • Sam Gilbert

    How is Cal so low?

  • Ben Factor

    It is curious. Ranked overall as universities by US News, it’s

    Stanford: #5
    Cal: #21
    USC: #23
    UCLA: #25
    Washington: #42
    Colorado: #94
    the others all exceeding 100

    So, it’s pretty clear where the better educations are offered. But not every athlete accepts the offer. That’s too bad, since even at reputed top NFL player “factory” USC, only 2-4 players from each class will make real money in the NFL.

    I believe that Haden is interested in improving athlete education as best he can, and that Kiffin engaged Baxter partly for that objective as well. But they have to work in the realm of the possible. I have seen enough USC players interviewed to make it clear that their starting (and even ending) academic levels are not that good. Hopefully, they make some progress at USC.

    What else is there to say?