Pac-12 Question

Did the conference get overpowered by the SEC during the four-team playoff format discussions or are you pleased with the role Larry Scott played? Discuss.
It’s probably a good thing Max Nikias is on the oversight committee. Something I would not say if Steve Sample were still around.

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  • BoscoH

    Larry Scott is about Larry Scott’s resume. This is not his “dream job”. When it comes to following through on all this crap, he’ll just be ready to move on to David Stern’s job. It’s a damn good thing Nikias is on that committee.

    Let me review this… We added 2 teams so we could have a championship game. We did the championship game so we could have a network. We have the network so we could be at the table for the NC playoff. And he still hasn’t hired enough talent for the network or given any indication of what it would do better or different from networks that already have talent who we could have partnered with. House of cards.

  • steve49

    I can’t see how we got run over by the SEC. I agree with BoscoH completely, Scott will serve himself. Everything else is secondary. Nikias better be on top of this.

  • dtksr1

    I believe I read where Commissioner Scott (and Delaney of the Big-10) compromised on the 4-team playoff over his preferred plus-one after the bowls final game, with the demand everyone agrees the conference champions & ND will get the preferred seedings. The SEC wants the 4 best teams period whether they are conference champions or not (like this last BCS game). I can live with Scott’s deal, if we cannot have at least an 8 team playoff where all the conference champions are included plus a few at large teams. But Scott better stick to his demand or the PAC-12 will get screwed.

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    Hope so. Hope it’s USC and three SEC teams every year for awhile….makes it twice as sweet.