Off Topic: Euro Soccer


Who do you like to win the UEFA European soccer championship? Portugal? Spain? Germany? Italy?
I’ll take Portugal over Spain in an upset and Germany over Italy in this week’s semifinals.

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    Germany is going to sh!t on everybody. I know this, and I hate soccer.

  • Globe

    There are only 2 real contenders in this tournament – Spain & Germany. Everyone else is playing for 3rd place. Germany wins it this time.

  • trooojan02

    Nice picks.. I have the same. Spain might struggle with the counter speed of Portugal. I think zeee Germans win it all

  • marvgoux

    Why no mention of USC grad Mohamed Morsi winning the Egyptian presidential race? He will become the most influential Trojan on the planet. Any plans for Nikias to recognize this achievement and have him speak at USC?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    The Germans are going to roll through this just like they rolled through Poland

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Is Morsi a member of the Muslim Brotherhood ?

  • Trojan 70

    While he is a Trojan, I would just as soon have Morsi stay in Eygpt. And yes, he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.


    Germany and Spain to the finals.

    Germany to win.

    How did the US beat Spain in South Africa before the World Cup of 2010?

    US women to win Olympic gold!

  • scidiot

    More photos please.

  • old_trojan_93

    Whoever beats Germany won’t get a bailout.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    spain is the best team; i believe they will win. rooting for germany; my roots.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Will Morsi have his own “USC mafia” a la Richard Nixon?

    Now we know why the Muslim Brotherhood adopted the slogan “Win Forever!” Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  • Trojan 70

    No right thinking USC person would head off to Eygpt. Wait, maybe they could use CerritosLob? that would fuck up Eygpt for ternity…

  • schammer47

    Without Yugoslavia, Brazil, and Argentina, this Euro Festval is nothing but crap.

    By the way, Bosnia, carved out of Yugoslavia by old man G. Bush and Margie Thacher, is THE staging area for the spread of Islam throughout Europe.

    Living in Texas, but the da*n Bush family ain’t no friend of mine or our country.

    schammer47’s chips ride with the TEA PARTY.

    FIGHT ON !!!

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    It would be rather difficult for Brazil and Argentina to qualify for a European Championship

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Thatcher left office in 1990, and Clinton was President by the time we were bombing the Serbs. Teabag on, though.

  • Globe

    This tournament misses Yugoslavia like a hole in the head. They used to be a disease that infected it. With all their theatrics, diving & time-wasting they were like the Latin Americans of Europe.

    As for Brazil & Argentina, in the last 2 World Cups they showed they can no longer compete with the top teams in Europe.

  • schammer47


    Mentioned Yugoslavia to introduce a situation in Europe that will only get worse, a matter you know nothing about, assuming your “understanding” of Balkan History from 1990 to today comes right out of the A$$ of the LA Times, NBC, and Newsweek Magazine.

    WEB, you are wrong about Thatcher and “read my lips.” She and Prez Bush sponsored the split of Yugoslavia into 6 parts in 1990, an act of war in violation of the UN Oslo Accord that expanded the borders of Yugoslavia shortly after WW11 ended. NATO’S war against the Serbs began in 1990.

    Why expand the Yugoslav borders on behalf of the Serbs? One million three hundred thousand Serbs were killed in WW11 fighting on behalf of the USA and the Western Allies, while being surrounded by Communist Albanians, Fascist Bulgarian and Turk Moslems, Fascist Italians and Croatians, and Nazi Austrians and Hungarians. The Serbs took all comers down, including the Germans, who were driven from Yugoslavia by the Serbs and Serbs alone.

    From 1990 to 2000, all US Media falsely reported the daily events of the War of Serbia to suit the depraved, despicable jihadest ruling family of Saudi Arabia, who, by owning Soul of the Bush Family, saw to it that a major geographic segment of Yugoslavia was turned in a Moslem sanctuary.

    WEB, I sense you spilled a tincture of hostility toward America’s modern day TEA PARTY. Might you be a depraved and despicable anti-American Traditional Culture, anti-Constitution, fool pagan life form who is pusuing the overthrow of our government? Hope not!!

    Would our Media lie to pursue a False Dream? Doing it since Walter Cronkite in the early 60’s.

    Met a Bank Counselor this morning who treated me very well. I asked him if by chance he was a USC grad? Low and behold, he told he was a grad of the University of Tennessee and he hates our Lane Kiffin. I love our Kiffins !!!

    FIGHT ON !!!

  • schammer47

    The only Oslo Accord I found on Google is dated 1993. I will stay on Google until I find the name of the post-war UN Agreement that broadened the borders of Yugoslavia. In lieu of the political inspired Media smear campaign aimed at the Serbs from 1990 thru today, that agreement might have been removed from historical texts.

  • schammer47

    Treaty of Rapallo

    Yugoslavia formed in 1920, combining Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia (southern Hungary) under Serbian rule. Same scenerio in WW1 as in WW11. Serbs suffer heavy death toll fighting for the West while being surounded by the enemy. Bosnia was not a sovereign country until 1990.

  • Globe

    Schamster – I don’t give a rat’s ass about Balkan history. I care about the UEFA soccer championship and my point is that the old Yugoslav team played an ugly brand of soccer that isn’t missed whatsoever.

  • schammer47

    When assured that 28 members of NATO would back their cause, Croaian declared their independence from Yugoslavia in early 1991, beginning the conflict.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath


    There might be a forum someplace where people care about your political ramblings but this isn’t it.