Morning Buzz

USC president Max Nikias will hear four-team playoff proposals this afternoon along with other members of the Presidential Oversight Committee. The committee is scheduled to meet until a plan is selected for a college playoff.

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  • dtksr1

    Lord help us that this man is a better college President than he was as a college proctor (who was ultimately in charge of compliancy issues of students) He seemed to have the Reggie Bush problems in his duties and let MG take the rap!Then went begging to the “faired haired” one now sitting in the ADs office.

  • steve49

    ^ whatever, just keep larry scott out of it.

  • gotroy22

    If they are going to destroy the tradition of college football anyways to appease the TV gods, why not go to a pure playoff? Seed all 120 Division I college football teams, start with #120 playing #1 and so on, with the top seeds getting the home field, have them play off over 7 weeks, reseeding each week, until we have two teams left for the NCAA championship game. Simple and fair, no one is left out, everybody has a chance including Cinderella teams just like the NCAA March Madness.

  • NJ Trojan

    Oh well…

  • NJ Trojan

    The “post season” has been screwed up ever since the BCS. The BCS NCG made it worse. Now this… I wouldn’t go as far as gotroy22, but an 8-team playoff with the champs from the 5 power conferences plus 3 at-large bids would be the way to go.