Sightings, Part II

Offensive lineman Zach Banner was also spotted at Heritage Hall this afternoon as incoming freshman begin to trickle in for summer school.

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  • in sheep’s clothing

    leonard williams is there too – don’t forget him.

  • DixieTrojan

    The BCS is now dead. What good is the crystal ball trophy now? Who will remember it five years from now?

    The AP title, the longest standing and most regarded, still stands.

    USC Trojans 2003 and 2004 champs.

    Back to back.

    Suck it, b!tches!

    Fight on!

  • Trojanfan


    Fight on!


  • DixieTrojan

    AP “champeenships” are IN THE HISTORY BOOKS! They still stand, baby!! Meanwhile, the BCS itself as an entity is HISTORY!

    USC = Legitimate 2003 and 2004 Champs. USC is the only champ on record for 2004. LSU holds a 2003 trophy from a dead organization. USC REAL 2003 CHAMPS! The BCS crumbled like Paul Dee’s health!

    @ all LSU and Oklahoma fans: LOL!!!

    Back to back! No asterisks necessary!

    People of the future will never know the BCS even existed. They will for sure know the AP poll.

    Try to dispute this logic, suckas! It’s irrefutable.

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^^Exactly x2!!!!!!

    Today is a historic day for college football, going forward


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Charlie Bucket



    Ps. It’s still safe to say USC won one BCS crystal ball. I have a photo of Pete Carroll and Trojan football players holding it up in South Beach, kinda like we will this year. Bucket, has UCLA made it to a BCS game yet? Looks like your chance to is gone LOL

    Keep oooon trollin’ though!!


  • Trojanfan

    Dixie, I know you are excited, but that was a low class cheapshot.

    That kind of Karma can be a real beyatch…

  • DixieTrojan


    Which part? You just bumped me twice, bro.

    If you are referring to the Paul Dee comment, then I agree. For as much of a douche monkey as I think he was, someone out there loved him dearly.

    I mean, he was a guy that tried to derail an entire program based on very tenuous evidence for his own aggrandizement… only to be found to be at the helm of a program with even more flagrant problems. Karma can be a real “beyatch” indeed.

    But none of us are perfect. For as funny as I thought the comment was at the time, my apologies. RIP Paul Dee. Aside from the NCAA official we knew, I’m sure he was a great man.

  • Trojanfan

    Who ever is posting under my username is a fuckin idiot….STOP IT!!!!

    Sorry DixieTrojan it wasn’t me

    I have no respect for Paul Dee


    Great response, Dixie. And trojanfan, we know… Charlie Bucket/ThaiMox/CerritosLob/etc all troll with several usernames.



    Ps. I love when BucketMex has no response. Sssshhhhhh!

    TROLL on another time though, geeks!


  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    Geez Louise!! whats all the commotion in here?? sounds like someone tossed a bright red ball into the monkey cage!!

    since you Dummies can’t seem to validate a thought without i confirm it for you, lets break this down:

    sorry to break it to you Dummies, but little has actually changed. they simply took a one stage playoff and added one game to stop all the whining. except for one out of 14 yrs, #1 vs #2 was not in dispute. so really this is not that big a change. sometimes you throw a bone to the whackos to shut them up.

    the fact is, the committee still picks AND seeds the teams!!! sound EERILY similar to the old system which was fine.

    oh, i get it, you Dummies thought this somehow absolved the failed “Dynasty” of the last 14 yrs, you know, where despite having BY FAR the most talent, Southern Cal got no Crystal balls to hoist!!

    SORRY!!! and another thing, the Crystal Ball trophy will REMAIN!!! Good Golly Miss Molly! what a bunch of desperate dopes!!!

    finally, to whichever chimp, i mean chump who says UCLA has not been to a BCS game– actually, we went to one before the trOXans did!!!

    the year, 1999. Bruins went to Rose Bowl in the first BCS series!!!!

    Southern Cal did not appear in a BCS game until the FIFTH season.

    Do you guys feel really dumb when i show up?? i thought so. FIT ON!!!

  • ftfo2009

    Do you feel really dumb when i show up?

    It was actually the 1998 season, bucket (though the game was in 1999). And thanks for reminding me of that pounding in the Rose Bowl. You must be so proud of Ron Dayne running for 246 yards! And setting Rose Bowl records! Thanks for making the conference look so good!

    In a related note, that was also the season where your arrogant AD, after finishing the season undefeated and with a guaranteed bid to the first ever BCS championship game, decided to make up that game that Miami cancelled because of hurricanes. Talk about choking. As my UCLA friends would say, “YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO PLAY THE FUCKING GAME. WHY DID YOU PLAY THE FUCKING GAME?!?”

    But, as always, thanks for the reminder that even when UCLA is better than USC, they still suck.


    Perfectly said, ftfo2009!!! Bucket, has UCLA ever.. WON a BCS game?!?! LOL!!!

    TROLL on though!!!


  • Trojanfan

    Bucket is a fuckin idiot….when was the last time UCLA was even relevant in college football?….NEVER….We all know who the real champion was in 2003,2004 and came within inches in 2005….But since the 2005 game has an asterisk next to it, that would make us the only undefeated team in BCS games 6-0

  • ftfo2009

    My friend likes to say, “If that Orange Bowl never happened, then that means that nobody booed Ashley Simpson at halftime, and do you want to live in a world where that didn’t happen?”

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    ftfo2009 –

    That is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. Thank you.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    Dummies: stay down! you’re beat. STAY DOWN!

  • ftfo2009

    Excellent comeback Bucket, I expected nothing less.

  • Gnossos

    fucla’s still trying to get Dayne’s footprints off of those jerseys.

  • ftfo2009

    ROFL nice. I think they’re trying to get Reggie’s footprints off their…oh wait, they never touched him.