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USC finished seventh in the final Directors’ Cup standings, which is presented to the nation’s top overall athletic program. Stanford finished first while UCLA was third among Pac-12 schools.

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  • ThaiMex

    No real surprises here….Among the top 20, the Pac 12 was well represented.
    #1 Stanford
    #3 UCLA
    #7 SUCks (I’m ready for The Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda!)
    #11 Cal
    #19 Arizona

    When does the BANNER go up (next to the Curtains, and next to the other Banner celebrating the 2 in conference wins by the men’s basketball team) celebrating the #7 Finish?
    Fit On Torgan!

  • Jethro G. Sabbath


    When you find yourself trolling this board at some ungodly hour and decide to post one of your tired, repetitive comments do you automatically sign in as ThaiMex or is that a decision you make each time?


    Amazing how Stanford pulls this off every year.

    But back to the big topic today, I like the 4-team playoff plan, using the major bowls as rotating semi-finals, and then the two winners squaring off in the true national championship game.

    I know many fans wanted an 8 team or 16 team playoff, but that would have dilluted the regular season. Besides, we can usually agree on the top-4 teams most years.

    Moreover, this is the system we will have in place in 2-years and it will be here for years and years to come, so get used to it, and in fact, start to LIKE IT!

  • ftfo2009

    That sure is a lot of smack talk from someone who finished third.

  • scidiot


    Can we really agree on Top 4 most years? What about last year. LSU and OK St. yes. Oreg with 2 losses or Stanford with 1? What if Oreg had beat USC with only only a loss to LSU. Would they go over Alabama with one loss at home? What if Boise St scored two more points to beat TCU.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    “We may have lost the football game 50-0 but we finished ahead of you in the Director’s Cup”

    In your face!!!


    UCLA: “Champions of the Offseason Made Here!”

    Congrats!!! 50-0

  • miguelito

    can’t wait until SC loses to Utah on that early October Thursday night…

    The classy cadre will be there to pick up the pieces…and then scatter them about when the Ducks come to town… then we will pick up the pieces, and then scatter them AGAIN when the mighty bruins exact revenge in the Rosebowl!

    the articles will quickly go from Kiffers growing into the job, to Kiffers isn’t a good coach.

    hawr hawr hawr

  • oneillwatch

    This guy has so many screen names he can’t get keep personas straight when he makes his posts…hawr hawr hawr…

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Anyone who thinks this is about determining a “national champion” is fooling himself. This is entirely about driving up TV revenues, yet doing so within context of the existing bowl game structure, thereby trying to retain their value.

    A playoff dilutes the importance of the regular season and more importantly the bowl games. The college football season is already essentially a playoff system. Lose once and you need help to make it to the national championship game. Lose twice and you are out.

    There will rarely be agreement on who the top 4 teams should be. So rather than debating who was the 2nd best team to play in the national championship, the debate now shifts to who is the 4th best team. I’ll bet that within 5 years, it will be an 8 team playoff.

    Go back to the old days when the January 1 bowl games ended the college football season.

  • marvgoux

    The BCS was implemented to solve the preceived “problem” of a committee of coaches and sportswriters each picking the champion after all the January 1st bowl games were played. The infamous Joe Paterno was the spoiled brat who first pushed the idea of a playoff because his Nittany Lions played a creampuff schedule and got no respect even among the East Coast biased media. The old system could correct an injustice of Eastern bias when SC would be snubbed by one committee and still claim a national title if the other committee voted correctly. Now we have no way to overcome the East Coast bias. You know if we lose one game in conference we are out because the media believe we are an inferior conference. This 4 team playoff is a media driven “solution” that perpetuates the SEC/Big 10 hegemony.

  • trooojan02

    Why not just have the winners of the conference title games move into a playoff system. Maybe have a few wild cards. While the other qualifying teams play in regular bowl games with 6+ wins

  • booty11

    Yet we keep winning the Gauntlet. Gymnastics and Softball On losers!

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    my list of things that stick in Southern Cal’s craw/create their massive inferiority complex:
    1) UCLA has most Nattys (the untimate “hand”)
    2) UCLA beautiful campus (as opposed to….)
    3) UCLA alums superior intellect (STAY DOWN!)
    4) 13-9
    5) World Beloved John Wooden (as opposed to….)
    6) We whip trOXans EVERY year in Directors’ Cup

    i could go on and on, but i think these are the essence of the sharp barbs that plague the trOXans’ angry lil’ minds.

    so good to be a Bruin!!……uh oh, I’m getting all tingly!!!!!

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Jethro, I am beginning to wonder if (cough) “Fort Wayne” has taken a summer hiatus from posting on this blog by turning his trolling duties over to some sort of machine or software program, a “Bucket-Tron 3000” if you will. This cyber-troll seems to be programmed to post multiple comments each day, each one just slightly different from the others, with none of the zest that real human being might bring to his trolling (like our the wrathful Bill, for instance).

    Unfortunately, Bucket-Tron 3000’s programming must have been a rushed job, as its Bucket comments resemble its angry ThaiMex posts more and more each day. Indeed, a recent post by “Miguelito” seemed, at first blush, to be a subtle parody of the listless work of Bucket-Tron 3000, but, upon further reflection, that post was most likely a cookie cut by a cookie-cutter grasped in Bucket-Tron 3000’s cold metal claw.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath


    I wouldn’t put it past “Fort Wayne” to spend the considerable time writing the code for such a program or building a robot in his garage to carry it out.
    However, I don’t think he could stand being away from here for even a short while. Remember, we know that ThaiMex will chime in on USC basketball matters while he is vacationing on the French Riviera.

  • Trojan 70

    WEB and Jethro – well thought out gentlemen. The Bucketron program reflects the true character of Fort Wayne. Tired, unimaginative, and lacking in any real content. Also in the programming there have been numerable mishaps in phraseolgy as previous comments by certain Bucketron chracters have appeared with the wrong character. Clearly, Fort Wayne did not outsource professional prograssming for the Bucketron, so we have what I would call “shit in, shit out.”

  • ftfo2009

    This is my only problem with Bucket’s most national championships argument:

    According to the NCAA,
    Women’s Gymnastics championship > BCS/AP/Whatever National Championship.

    So go ahead, enjoy those great gymnastic memories. I’ll enjoy my memories of dropping 55 on Oklahoma.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    WEB and Jezro: you go, trOXans!! good to see some trOXans putting in the work!! WEB, your “Bucket-Tron 3000 Conjecture” is certainly compelling. i picture something totally nano, with RISC chip architecture of course, and AI.

    i wish!! but i have no time for such trifles!! i am currently working on a new confectionary delight to honor the trOXans’ new “Dynasty”!!! without giving too much away, it is a sour-flavored gummy, surrounded by nuts!!! eating them will be just like being in Heritage Hall!!!

    i can’t believe they say my stuff is canned!! it’s pure gold in a can, baby!!!


  • ftfo2009
  • W.E.B. Dupree

    I picture that silver robot from “PeeWee’s Playhouse” with sparks and smoke coming out of it, as it keeps repeating, “Nabobs… Torgans… Nabobs… Torgans…”