Question Of The Day

What do you think of the new four-team playoff format?
It is the perfect answer  It is much better than the BCS It’s better than nothing The BCS was better   

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  • dtksr1

    Now that college football will have a “playoff”, even though it is a minimal one, will the NCAA now recognized it as a NCAA championship sport as it does all others?

  • 51Grad

    Does not change a thing. The 5th and 6th ranked schools will complain just as much as the third and fourth did under the BCS system.

    Why do we need a “national champion” in football? The kind of football I like to watch is two schools evenly matched playing a close game. This new system does not insure that will happen. Some of the BCS championship games were not as entertaining as many of the bowl games.


    I think that USC is the only team that will benefit from the playoff in the Pac12.