Are there any plans to open some practices to the public and when is Salute to Troy?

  • trojaned 66

    Any silent commitments you are aware of?

  • oneohsixseven

    What are the chances of a major overhaul at the Coliseum in the next five years? ie: Trojans play a year (or two) at the Rose Bowl, and the entire stadium is rebuilt around the Peristyle end… to make it more USC-focused, or to lure an NFL team, or to bring the Olympics, or…?

  • tom_floyd

    How long do you foresee Pat Haden remaining as AD, and do you think JK might eventually replace him when/if he does step down?
    Thanks for continuing the forum.

  • dtksr1

    Now that there is a playoff type mechanism, will the NCAA now recognize the winner of the championship game as an NCAA champion starting the year 2014?

  • scidiot

    Could the PAC-12 scrap the 9 game schedule and championship game to increase the chances of getting two teams into the new 4 team playoff?

  • Fart 0330

    Why do I like farts?

  • ftfo2009

    Who has done more damage to their respective programs: Dan Guerrero or Jerry Sandusky?


    Gargamel, how many silent commits do we currently have? Thanks!

  • Globe

    Why the hell does James Milner start for England? He’s absolutely useless.

    On a related note why the hell was Michael Carrick left off the squad? He’s the best central midfielder England has these days.

  • Fart 0330

    whod fart?

  • miguelito

    is lane fired with 4 losses with a healthy qb?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Why do you think David Beckham was left of the British Olympic Team roster?

  • schammer47


    A soccer jock, hey?

    Mr. Globe, you posted a comment claiming the Yugoslavia Men’s soccer team was a “disease to the sport; using theatrics, faking injuries, stalling during the game.” Hear this, one of the most exciting soccer games I ever witnessed was played in July, 1990, at the Stadio Olympico in Rome, Italy, between the 1986 defending World Cup Champions Argentina and the soccer team of Yugoslavia. The game was the Quarterfinal game after which Argentina would go on to lose th West Germany in the final. The Yugoslavia vs Argentina game ended in a tie. After Argentina’s star Maradona missed the first “shoot-out”, Argentina recovered and won the shoot-out 4-3. No thearics, no diving, no faking injuries, etc. Just an excelent World Class performance by both teams.

    Yugoslavia kept its name until 2003 which was foolish since the country had been broken up and dissolved by 1992.

    A while back, maybe two, maybe four years ago, Serbia defeated Germany 2-1 in a soccer game I caught on TV, a game in which Germany finished with 10 players because of a red card. No theatrics, no fake injuries, no diving, etc. Just outstanding international quality soccer.

    Globe, I despise false accusations, lieing. For that and several other reasons I hit hard on the cadre.

    FIGHT ON !!!


    Is miguelita (a ucla fan) a little too obsessed with USC?


  • marvgoux

    Is it true that on June 7th, USC alum Mohamed Morsi personally attended the the Nike Win Forever Workshop in Seattle for the second year in a row? According to Yogi Roth, who co-founded, and co-authored, Win Forever with Carroll, it was bigger and better than ever. Do you think Pete Carroll’s Win Forever Workshop led to Morsi Winning Forever in the Egyptian presidential election?

  • Trojan Conquest

    Is covering USC and part-time or full-time gig for you?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Why was Henry Bibby such a prick and was he “fun” to cover?

  • sureshot

    Scott, are you aware that the NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee has concluded that the scholarship penalty announced last September, in addition to Boise State’s self-imposed sanctions, was “excessive such that it constituted an abuse of discretion.”???

    Do you have a reaction?

  • CryWolf

    With only 8 spots left and tons of offers out there and still offering, is USC telling these offered recruits we can’t accept your commitment yet?
    Is Max Redfield a silent commit?

  • gotroy22

    Do you think Coach is making a mistake by taking all these commitments before they play a single game their senior year? Don’t you think we are needlessly alienating other top recruits we might want to reconsider taking and we might be taking kids who peaked their junior year or get debilitating injuries their senior year? Wasn’t our best recruiting when Pete Carroll, Norm and Ed would wait and swoop in and take the commitments after the season right before signing day and crush the feeble recruiting hopes of Whoregon, ND, fucla, Kal, UW etc? With only 18 rides to give thanks to the NCAA probation, don’t you think it would be smarter to wait and be more choosy than when we could normally take 25 rides and afford more busts and projects?

  • steve49

    Scott, when will the football schedule be completed with all the TV coverages and game times?

  • Troy

    Any reason why USC is continuing to offer scholarships to wide receivers? I know that nothing is solid until they sign a LOI, but could this be an indication of a new offense (spread) post-Barkley era due to depth concerns?

  • CryWolf

    2013 WR Paul Harris has said he has been told USC has a spot for him. Does this mean another WR like LaRue would be recruited as a CB or is a 2012 WR not able to qualify like Darreus Rogers?

  • NJ Trojan

    Given that USC will not return more than 11 OLs for 2013 and 8 current OLs for 2014 (plus the two early 2014 commits), how many OLs do you expect USC to recruit this year?

  • NJ Trojan

    And here’s my question from the previous forum, which you didn’t get to:

    NJ Trojan said:
    By my count USC will return only 11 scholarship OLs in 2013: Di Poalo, Simmons, Martin, Tuerk, Martinez, Hobbi, Banner, Walker, Graf, Garness & Wheeler–and that’s assuming none leave early for whatever reason. Would you agree that USC needs to bring in at least 4 OLs in the recruiting class of 2013, and which OLs are among USC’s top targets?
    May 31, 2012 10:56 AM

  • Vatican Blues

    Isn’t it time for USC to figure out how Stanford gets their players in for baseball? By this I mean, academic scholies, endowed money to help kids with their tuition ( if this is even possible ) etc. I know they have to get JC kids who can pay something, but something must be done, and Stamford seems to be able to figure it out. There are plenty of ex USC baseball players whom I’m sure would pony up some money to help with this. I think it’s time for Haden to hire a top flight coach with local ties and get baseball back where it was, and even with all the limits private schools have on them, it’s time to end that as an excuse.

  • Edward

    Is Rogers the only academic question mark from the 2012 class?

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    wolfman, putting aside your indignation over how the NCAA “persecuted” Southern Cal in the Reggie Bush matter, what is your opinion on the Penn State situation?

    do you agree that given the grave circumstances and clear evidence that the Penn St. Admin was complicit in shielding a serial child molestor, and with Paterno leading the cover up, the NCAA should give Penn St Football the “death penalty” for at least 14 yrs?? that the number of years they allowed this monster to comit his crimes…