Poll Results

Rivals.com polled recruits last week and USC coach Lane Kiffin finished second under “who was the most intimidating?”
But Kiffin finished third under “who was the easiest to talk to?” And he finished third under “most persuasive.” USC also finished first under “best campus atmosphere.” Full results here.

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  • Slippery Pete

    “Best campus atmosphere” I guess getting shot is a lot cooler than it used to be.


    This “poll” is about as scientific as some of Wolf’s posters imagining what other posters look like and then stating it as fact.

    And the sample size is so small as to have virtually no mathematical probability competency.

    Still, I like the idea of SC having a great football campus atmosphere. It is great when the Trojans are winning. But truth be told, it was pretty sensational as well at Oregon, Ohio State, Auburn, Notre Dame etc when I visited those campuses on game day.

  • BoscoH

    It was telling that Joe Paterno still won for “Most Likely to Have a Pedophile on Staff” despite the fact that Joe Pa was fired and is currently deceased.


    Cool! How did Jim L. Lessa do? Most likely to appear “Mean and nasty!”???


  • “best campus atmosphere” hummm, is that because the prisoners run the asylum at USC? me thinks yes, or at least it’s the impression they got – considering dozens of arrests to the players in the past and ZERO ever charged, including 5 arrests for rape…and let’s not forget also that ZERO players ever suspended even for one practice following an arrest. Yup! prisoners run the asylum at South Central. If I’m a thug, why would I want to go anywhere else?

    USC has created an “thug haven” as evidenced by my above statement, unfortunately USC does not support them after graduation, they think they can continue their thug ways for the rest of their lives, just ask a few late transgressors lately like, Kevin Ellison, Fred Davis, Johnny Morton and Eric Wright whom was arrested for rape while at USC, as was Mark Sanchez, Herschell Dennis, Frostee Rucker, Winston Justice and Darrell Russell they all had their charges “miracously” dropped.
    Does anyone out there think that if they didn’t play for USC they would have been as lucky? me thinks not.