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USC graduate Allyson Felix competes in the 200 meters tonight at U.S. Olympic track trials in Eugene, Ore.
In other news, Lane Kiffin must be feeling secure after buying a $5.5 million house in Manhattan Beach.

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  • Trojan in Redondo

    $5.5 million for a 7,300 square foot house with six bedrooms in Manhattan Beach is a damn good price. Unbelievably good. That is an absolutely huge house in an expensive town for a very good price. I wonder how he got it for that low a sum? It must either be far from the ocean or a quick sell of a soon to be repossessed house. You would never be able to get such a bargain for that size house in the Westside or Malibu.

  • Bill

    There is plenty of money in the slush fund! Since Barkley is “interning” for a sports agent, he is already being taken care of!

    Cheat On!


  • sobayquail

    According to property records, the land in 7300 sq. ft. figure, the house is 5000 square feet. Still impressive, but substantially less living area. The Times showed the land area as the square footage of the home.


    Yeah, right, $5.5 million is a bargain in Manhattan Beach.

    Give me a break. I would not live in MH if you paid me. Ultra conservative people, although civil, yuppie-types and money-arrogant. If they were limited to simply using their personalities most of them could not break out of a wet paper bag

    Plus, unless living on the strand, the ocean is only a rumor.

    And I should know because I lived in adjacent Redondo Beach for 14 years in a 1100 foot apartment for $1500. But I was so close to the ocena I could fish in the ocean off my balcony.

    I would still take that over a big home any day of the week.

  • schammer47


    If the apartment still exists and is in reasonable repair, how much would it be worth today ? Would 4 USC Scholarship Athletes be able to afford the rent if split 4 ways ?



    I only left that apartment because I was evicted when a new owner wanted it for his family.

    It was only a small two bedroom, if that, and it kept me from buying a home.

    The rent today is probably about $3500.