Wide receiver Paul Harris of Upper Marlboro, Md., visiting USC. Do the Trojans really need another receiver in the era of 15-scholarships? Or even the era of 18 including mid-year signees?

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  • Ex-Cop

    No, Scott. You’re absolutely right. Because recruits ALWAYS honor their commitments. Time to stop recruiting. No more work to be done.

  • dtksr1

    Hell no…….unless they plan to put a 200lbs WR on the line of scrimmage and face a 300lbs slob on the other side. Cregg & Orgeron need to tell Kiffin he is no longer in the WR recruiting business for the next year!

  • Ben Factor

    It will be interesting to see, in February 2012, how this class breaks down by position. Kiffin and staff don’t seem like haphazard planners regarding depth issues that have arisen and will arise. They do have to work within the realm of the possible–who might really come to USC and has the requisite talent? The staff could call every top line prospect in the Southeast twice a day, and still, most of them will play in the Southeast. Even in the West and in California, not every player wants to play in urban L.A.

    Scott likes to stir up controversy, at times prematurely. While no school gets every desirable recruit, USC is doing very well this year, after doing quite well last year. It makes sense to keep the faith, and wait until this year’s recruiting season is over. Something tells me it won’t be all skill players.

  • gotroy22

    NJTrojan what is your opinion on recruiting another WR? Did we lose any committed recruits last February on signing day?