Seahawks Release Williams

Pete Carroll decided to release former USC wide receiver Mike Williams today.

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  • sam

    Lazy BMW again.
    Guess he’s not in the shape he needs to be in to play at the NFL level.

    Chris Galippo also got cut by Indy.

  • ThaiMex

    Too bad for Galippo. In High School he was a man among boys, a 5 star recruit who was tapped as a can’t miss prospect. While his high school playing was impressive, he did not continue to improve, and eventually was relegated to part time.
    How many 4-5 star recruits will not develop, will not qualify, or will back off on their commitment (Nico will still trip to Oregon…others will follow)? Verbals are nice, LOI’s are better (did i mention injuries?).
    Go ahead and drink the Kool Aid. Pat yourselves on the back. Hoist one for for good old SUCks! For sure, there’s light at the end of the tunnel….and pretty soon we’re gonna find out where its coming from.
    fit on !

  • USC – 714

    Is this Thaimex guy serious, really??

    Dude are you a UCLA fan, or just a USC hater? Well like it matters because whichever route you’re going life has gotta suck for you right now lol.

    Not that I take you seriously. Im sure you’re well aware of the fact that USC is at the top of the mountain right now and UCLA is in the sewer. I’m sure you, and everyone else, knows that your posts on here are just BS. But c’mon dude, find a better way to spend your time.

  • Globe

    Good point ThaiFred… sucks when a bunch of top rated players to commit to your school. It’s a sure sign gloom & doom are on the horizon.

    Talk about drinking the Kool Aid…..

  • Trojan Conquest

    Some good points about CG. We all knew kids who matured early and dominated in junior high and high school. Doesn’t mean they’ll be better as a senior in college. But I believe what kept him from getting better was his bad back. I can’t even imagine playing football after having a couple of back surgeries.

  • Sam Gilbert

    He was due to make a base salary of 3 million this year. He had a good 2010-2011 when he signed the contract extension but injuries held him back last year. Maybe he’ll get resigned for a lower amount.

  • fucla

    I never understood why people cheer for a fucking looser like UCLA. I rather be one of Mike Vic dogs then to a bruin fan. Stay on your own site with the rest of the fucking looser and debate who will be your next coach in 36 months. Fight on!

  • Trojanfan

    Hey bucket, such a sad sad pathetic little man…What is it now, the paper route money is not going to be enough to get your season tickets



    How many bRuins have panned out in the NFL?


    Ps. USC=more NFL Hall-of-Famers than any school in America. Troll on, though!

  • marvgoux

    Not so fast my Thai-ruin friend…Around the NFL writer Brian McIntyre reported that
    “A potential landing spot for Williams could be the Chicago Bears, where (former SC OC) Jeremy Bates, the Seahawks’ offensive coordinator in 2010, is now quarterbacks coach.”

  • ThaiMex

    Marv….Not bad for a DEAD GUY…but pretty piss poor post nonetheless.
    I never mentioned Williams…
    Jeremy Bates???? Really? That Jeremy Bates? ALL your Torgan bros. are cringing at any mention of Jeremy Bates. Norman Bates….now that’s funny!, but Jeremy Bates? You are BRAIN DEAD.
    fit on Torgan!
    (you didn’t really bring up Jeremy Bates did you?)

  • Trojanfan

    Bucket you fuckin idiot, run along it’s getting late, the papers need to be delivered

  • scsyco

    Cheer up ThaiHookerMaxiPad, you still have well over a month without the torchure of watching your fucla stink it up. Enjoy the offseason while you still can my disgusting friend.


  • ThaiMex

    torchure fur shure frat boy!
    Fit on Rah Rah!