Answer Tuesday!

In this segment, I try to shed some light on just how hard it can be to get athletes admitted these days for sports like baseball.

Q: Vatican Blues said:
Isn’t it time for USC to figure out how Stanford gets their players in for baseball? By this I mean, academic scholies, endowed money to help kids with their tuition ( if this is even possible ) etc. I know they have to get JC kids who can pay something, but something must be done, and Stamford seems to be able to figure it out. There are plenty of ex USC baseball players whom I’m sure would pony up some money to help with this. I think it’s time for Haden to hire a top flight coach with local ties and get baseball back where it was, and even with all the limits private schools have on them, it’s time to end that as an excuse.

A: I’ve always said it is much harder at a private coach but the right coach can successful. One thing I would add is that it is much harder for USC to get JC players than a decade ago. I realize some people USC can get anyone into school but it much harder to get JC players through admissions now. Their P.E. units do not transfer and they are not allowed to have D’s. Most schools allow D’s. And even walk-ons get denied. I’ve seen some with 3.5 or higher GPA’s denied admission and then they go across town or to other Pac-12 schools. It happens often, believe it or not. The average person is unaware of the resistance — within the athletic dept. and outside — when it comes to non-football admissions. So a coach needs to work even harder. But it is still possible to field a top baseball program as long as you recruit wisely (not too many high draft picks) and find JC prospects with the right transcripts.

Q: Edward said:
Is Rogers the only academic question mark from the 2012 class?

A: There are some who still need to be cleared by the NCAA but Darreus Rodgers is the only one at the moment that needs classes from what I’ve heard.

Q: Revenge of Charlie Bucket said:
wolfman, putting aside your indignation over how the NCAA “persecuted” Southern Cal in the Reggie Bush matter, what is your opinion on the Penn State situation?
do you agree that given the grave circumstances and clear evidence that the Penn St. Admin was complicit in shielding a serial child molestor, and with Paterno leading the cover up, the NCAA should give Penn St Football the “death penalty” for at least 14 yrs?? that the number of years they allowed this monster to comit his crimes.

A: This is a tragedy on all fronts. I’m in favor of sanctions but a 14-year death penalty seems drastic. I think it will be worth watching the NCAA on this because they have never dealt with a case like this.

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  • ftfo2009

    Agreeing partially with Bucket for once, if Penn St gets any punishment less than USC it is sending a heinous message that child molestation by faculty is a less offensive action than (alleged) indifference towards third-party pay for amateur athletes.

    But don’t you mean 40 years?

  • carlosb

    14yrs too drastic Wolf? How about those victims.. the ones that get a life sentence over the reasons for the intentional coverup. The whole athletics program at PSU should be shut down indefinitely! They should also have to change their name from the Nittany Lions to the Nittany liars!

  • scidiot

    I think the NCAA should make an “emergency” finding that at least lets any student athelete eligible to transfer without penalty. (no loss of eligibillity, no having to sit out a year) Why should they have to stay at a school that shields monsters.

  • Brent

    USC can have no Reggie Bush visibility on campus or at the Coliseum. But Penn State can have a Joe Paterno statue. Hmm.


    Just love it when UGLY Bucket is indignant about a transgression.

    And this from the same creep that marshalls the facts to put down SC every chance he gets.


  • Bill

    The Penn State and Southern Cal are two completely different issues, apples and oranges! There was a lack of institutional control at Southern Cal dealing with athletics.

    It would be like Southern Cal getting the death penalty for Mark Sanchez’s rape, Todd McNair’s issues, and Snoop Doggs drug arrest in the Dwayne Jarrett jersey!


  • Bill is a faggot

    According to Bill, 40 years of ruining the lives of dozens of children isn’t as bad as alleged rape, ‘issues’ and someone being arrested in your jersey.

    Sandusky was found guilty in federal court. Neither Sanchez nor McNair was even charged with a (related) crime. They might not be comparable but one is clearly more serious than another.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    LJ, maybe 25 yrs ago you had the faculties to hang with the Cadre, but you’re slipping badly.

    in what world is me constantly ripping Southern Cal and calling for the Death Penalty for Penn St. hypocrisy?? it seems often, you don’t make sense. or is that just dribble?

    now, if UCLA had just been uncovered as a haven for chile molestors, then my comment could be taken as hypocrisy, i suppose, but only if i first excused the hypotheitcal vile actions of UCLA.

    it appears every time you try for a Bucket takedown, you get kicked in the dentures, gramps. maybe it’s best you just take a knee from now on.

  • firetedtolner

    Hope the second Bill was referring to first Bill as a “meatball” and not the pejorative. Otherwise, there’s no place for that term here.

    But, agree that Bill 1 is a meatball, and assuming he’s a UCLA hack, he seems to have selective memory (and forgets about handicap gate, Ricky Manning assault and battery situation, and Darryl Henley).

  • White Horse

    Gillespie went to the CWS three times in four seasons. Never was a problem for him and his staff. What’s the over/under on wins by the baseball team next season? 22? Change was needed after ’11. Kreuter/Cruz will result in permanent damage.

  • twenty-twenty

    The baseball program has been tremendously damaged.
    It’s very painful to those that care.

  • BiII

    USC has done much worse things than what Sandusky has done! They just have not been discovered yet but they will. Evil doers are always revealed for the true scum that they are, it is inevitable you idiots.


  • ThaiMex

    O.K., I’ll play (“Who’s who”). I think I’ve finally figured out who “Bill” is. Bill has actually been around here for a while. He is someone we know (and laugh at) Consider, “the two of them” have NEVER POSTED on the same page. They both come across as being (sorry, I know its not P.C., but the word just FITS) “RETARDS”. Both of them, repeat the SAME Garbage in every post they make. The both think they are Cartoon Characters with SUPERHUMAN Powers. Here’s my guess…..
    Bill is LBC’s alter ego. LBC must have gotten hit on the head (by a falling Piano?), forgot who he was, and came back as “Bill”.
    Fit on Bill!

  • ftfo2009

    Bucket, you do realize the irony of you saying you aren’t a hypocrite, then calling LJ old, don’t you?

    Nobody understands half your shitty references without Wikipedia because we don’t remember being alive when the first Willy Wonka was in theaters. Then again, with your Alzheimer’s, you might not either.

  • Trojanfan

    Hey bucket, take two knees and wait for the medicine to come….ouch!

    PS….why is the newspaper always late….must be the old age

    Wait!!!!!…I forgot something,You’re a fuckin idiot!!!

  • USCarlsbad

    What happened at Penn State is atrocious, and the people involved deserve the MOST severe of punishments allowed under the law, but .. this is a criminal issue, not a sports issue, and thus .. i do not believe it should involve the NCAA. This was NOT done to enhance a sports program, it was done to protect reputations, egos and jobs .. it was personal. and i say this as someone who hates what the NCAA did to USC, and .. as someone who met Joe Paterno in the weight room at Heritage Hall in 1976, and found him to be a pompous a-hole back then too.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    Geez Louise!! look at the last 3 posts!! it looks like the weight room at Heritage Hall: dumbbells everywhere!!

    first, fifo’s deduces that because i watch Willy Wonka 792 times, i must be old. ???

    second, troxan conjures up his daily gay porn scene

    lastly, another troxan thinks Penn State should get off because they weren’t enhancing a sports program??? well i appreciate different points of view, but i think most people would agree, that shielding Sandusky from the law, and ultimately from assured severe sanctions benefits the football program by sparing it from the consequences of their actions.

    i discussed this matter with a troxan yesterday and we agreed in many cases this crime is worse than many instances of murder.

  • ftfo2009

    I think you’re old because you like baseball, have absolutely no understanding of internet protocol, and make far more pop culture references to things that happened in the 60’s than in the past ten years.

    But I unfortunately agree on principal with you, because the real monster here is the ‘tickle monster’. I would however disagree and argue that the athletic program would not have been sanctioned/punished if they reported Sandusky immediately to the proper authorities (some lawyer can help me out but i think the law is you are legally obligated to report it to the police). PS did benefit (theoretically) by still having Sandusky on the coaching staff while this was happening, and from the lack of social stigma that would be (and is now) attached to attending PS.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    I agree with Bucket that the actions of Paterno & pals in covering up for Sandusky could be construed as a violation of NCAA rules, not just as a criminal act. If I remember correctly, Sandusky retired from his coaching position in 1999 or so, after one of the investigations, so the team was not receiving a benefit from his coaching after that point, but certainly Penn State’s image (and, thus, recruiting) would likely have taken a hit once everyone learned that their recently retired defensive coordinator had been raping kids.

    That said, I have very mixed feelings about the NCAA getting involved. Aside from the general lack of respect that USC fans feel for the NCAA crew, consider that no college football scandal in our lifetimes will likely top this one (hopefully), so in future scandals, schools will say, “Well, you shouldn’t punish us like you punished Penn State! It’s not like little boys were being raped in our locker room!” So whatever punishment Penn State receives may turn into the outer limit of NCAA punishment, never to be approached again.

  • Surely this is a matter for the IPA. If there’s disagreement over the funding they need to get together and compare the pros and cons of the different solutions and come up with a compromise. Come on guys!