• carlosb

    Do you notice any new pressure building or continuing that could ever possibly force or inspire Pat or Max to rethink, visiting the NCAA yet again to appeal those sanctions. Most especially since precedent is so obvious and that the NCAA has all of a sudden mentioned their awareness of precedent in their latest actions. Lessening the USC sanctions also gives the NCAA more wiggle room when addressing Miami, Oregon and now PSU.

  • Troy

    I’ve noticed that this year, recruits are committing much earlier than in the past. Usually, they wait till January. What do you think the are the reasons why recruits are committing earlier than usual? I know verbal commits have little weight till the LOI is signed, but if SC’s class remains solid(I question LaRue’s commitment because of his upcoming official visits), this is one heck of the class. Also, I’ve noticed that in the past decade or so, SC usually averages 18-19 recruits, with the exception of several classes that exceeded 20. I don’t think the penalties will be as harsh as everyone thinks, but I do know next year’s cap of 15 scholarships will have a pinch to the program. What do you think? Thanks.

  • scidiot

    How many ESPN Game Day appearances do you think SC gets in this year. Oregon @ SC seems to be a given. If SC is undefeated will a return visit happen in the same month when Notre Dame visits?

  • spedjones

    Scott – I notice UCLA has a few guys playing for the US Basketball Team in London this summer. Has SC ever had a male basketball Olympian?


    Could you give three names you would like to see become athletic director when Mike Rae’s caddy leaves?

  • bazinga

    spedjones, I won’t make you wait for Scott’s answer: Yes. Elias Ayuso (Puerto Rico 2004) is the one male basketball Olympian on the roster of the most illustrious collegiate collection of Olympians the world has seen to date. http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/usc/genrel/auto_pdf/2012-13/misc_non_event/usc-all-time-olympians.pdf

  • BiIl

    Scott, do you think those idiots that have came against me on this blog will ever pay? If yes, then how so?


  • Vatican Blues

    Since the athletic department doesn’t seem interested in “lowering” academic standards for sports other than football, how in the hell can USC ever compete in baseball ? I know Gillespie won a NC, but he only won one and I don’t see any on the horizon. I don’t think any coach could put USC back on the map these days. Just looking at the last 20 years , only Miami, USC, Rice and Pepperdine have won NC’s in baseball, kinda says a lot for what private schools are up against in sports like baseball.

  • BruinRobsMOM

    Mr. Wolf,
    Do you pay this punk arse spedjones to project ucla basketball bull pucky into your Trojan blog? Why would anyone come here to read irrellevancy pertinent to ucla? I’ve instructed my son to quit wasting everyones time in his off color destruction of your blog topics and now you allow this moron sped to take his place? Why would you do this? No one who cares a lick about USC Football or the minor insignificant (to the University) sports that will take the time to visit here, wants the impudent input like that from sped, not to mention that cadre collection of numbskulls. So what say you Mr. Wolf?

  • scsyco

    Other than Oregon Stanford Washington or Utah, which Pac12 team on our schedule do you think has the highest likelihood to be an upset threat?

  • oneohsixseven

    Considering Larry Scott’s decision that all Pac-12 schools will host a Friday night game… what are the chances that USC would be able to lobby for the Notre Dame or UCLA games to be played the day after Turkey Day?

  • Trojan Conquest

    Of the verbal commitments, who do you think has the biggest chance of changing and going elsewhere? Some might because of too much competition, but I’m more interested in who could be another DeAnthony Thomas?

  • dtksr1

    Maybe its time to ask this question: Are there still some John McKay loyalists still working in high places at SC that are envious-jealous-protective against the success PC had? If PC had stayed on at SC he would have easily overtaken McKay’s record in a much shorter time and… as some want to forget, McKay did not always have a clean program and got caught by the NCAA 2-3 times under his watch. Who ultimately decided to name the new sports complex after McKay?

  • Trojanfan

    Hey Speed, you don’t need Scott to do your dirty work…troll on

  • USCFightOn

    WR commit Eldrige Massington tore his ACL today. It seems cold blooded, but USC may have to consider looking elsewhere for the third WR in this class after all.

  • BiII

    It is disgusting to me the lack of respect that you idiots have. Making fake screen names pretending to be me and also making screen names poking fun at my sexuality. It is nothing but sick and juvenile. It is obvious that this behavior stems from the fact that you are jealous of me, knowing that I am better than you in every way. Even though you dont know me you still sense that I am better than you, and your intuition is right. I am smarter and have accomplished more than any of you idiot jerks. Trust me when I say that you will pay for disrespecting me. You will not know when or where this will occur, but it will, and remember who is better than you and your sorry excuse of a program.


  • marvgoux

    Do you think SC will schedule any Big 12 or SEC teams now that the 4 team playoff is a reality and the Big 10 matchup is history? (I know we already have Texas previously scheduled.)What Big 12 and SEC schools will want to risk a loss to us? Do you think the only schools Pat Haden be able to schedule are the caliber of Vandy and Iowa State that need the revenue and exposure of playing in the Coliseum and know they have no shot at the playoff?

  • ftfo2009

    Why couldn’t we get a decent JC DT/NT to come in and give us some depth? Were there not many available?

  • NJ Trojan

    What is Kiffins philosophy as to WRs? Traditionally, you had SEs & FLs but I think many if not most coaches today (especially in the NFL) just lump them all together as WRs to be lined up interchangeably at X, Y & Z. Until Prater left for NW USC had a big SE (Ausberry, Turner, Jarrett, Williams) on its roster since 2002. Does Kiffin want that big, explosive, fast SE that he used to have in Williams and Jarrett, or is he content to line up 60, 185 lb WRs on the LOS?

  • BoscoH

    If something unexpected happened to Lane Kiffin that kept him from performing all of his tasks as head coach, how long could comedian Daniel Tosh cover for him before anyone noticed?

  • gotroy22

    Is it true that Pat Haden instigated the anti-Big 10 scheduling rebellion against Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott and will Scott be sending out resumes and leave the conference as soon as possible after this latest in a series of devastating humiliations?

  • Sam Gilbert

    If USC loses one of it’s commits on or close to signing day will they scramble to find an able body or burn that scholarship to ensure they don’t have to pull a scholarship in the future from a player already on the roster in order to stay beneath the 75 overall max.

  • Don’t you know I’m loco?

    Good column on why Kiffin is killing it on the recruiting trail, but how much of an effect does it have on a recruit to go into their home and say, “you’re going to play” instead of “You’ll have an opportunity to compete to play.” I’d think the chance to play rather quickly at USC has a bigger effect on a 4 or 5 star kid than anything else.

  • CryWolf

    Looks like CLK forced Redfield to commit before he wanted to since he really wanted to perform the hat trick on national tv at the army game. Who besides Hatcher is staff putting the most pressure on to commit sooner than later?

  • Sam Gilbert

    How do you think the pursuit and/or signing of Silas Redd affects the tailback position? Is there a real risk that Justin Davis and Ty Issac would rethink their commitments – even if Redd goes elsewhere? Would the transfer by Redd cause Isaac or Davis to redshirt? Would McNeal still be the #1 back this coming season?

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    wolfman, two part question for you:

    first: do you think Penn State was let off easy??? i couch this in reference to the fact one can make the case their penalties closely resembled Southern Cal’s…. similar schollie ban, a few more years of bowl ban, forfeiting victories, not eligible for conference Champeeenship etc. as you know most conversation about Penn St eventually compared the sactions to Souther Cal’s….except fot the $60mil, i think the penalties are the basically very similar.

    second: if Penn St rallies in the classic “us against the world” manner, and runs the table this season…(however unlikely) and the AP awards them the AP Champeeeenship, will you have any issues with addressing them as legit Natl Champeeens???

  • “Count” Smackula

    Vulfman, I am hearink from a Michegan insider friend of mine, zhat Volwerine coach Brady Hoke vill not recruit any of zee Penn State players. In fact, some of zee players parents call’t coach Hoke but he told zem he vas not interested. His reasons ver zhat he did not vant to diss his own players or be associated in any vay vith zee Penn St dizgrace.

    Meanvile, I heart Herr Kiff knonk’t sree old ladies over runnink in zee airport to meet Silas Rett.

    Do you sink Kiff would haff been better servt by takink zee Hoke appproach?

    Sank you as alvays for zee Forum, Vulfman!

  • “Count” Smackula

    Vulfman, forgive zee secont qvestion, but zees are extenuatink circumstances (Poll Gate)

    a two part qvestion: does Pollgate now proof zhat zee late great Al Dawis vas correcht vhen he sayt Herr Kiffin vas a flat out liar??

    II: Vulfman, it seems to me zhat the zee USA Today cant go arount constantly checkink zee qvotes of effery voter to parse out inconsistenciesso I sink zhere must haff been somvone who droppt a dime on Kiff und it furzer seems to me zhat whoeffer it vas haff fairly intimate knowledge uff zee programe.

    Zherefore I sink zhere are two likely sourzes who ratted Kiff out: somevun on Kiffins staff, or you, zee Vulfman!! Vhy did you do it, Vulf??