Question Of The Day

Is USC going to lose any recruit it ‘really” wants in this recruiting class?

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  • Sam Gilbert

    I’d be surprised if there was anyone committed that they didn’t “really” want.

  • SCTuro

    AS this point, I would only consider a DL, RB, or QB decommit a major hit. All other positions are solid.

  • dtksr1

    Well if you ask; Montravis Adams out of Georgia would be sweet giving more depth to a position needing bruisers to penetrate the LOS at DT. He is a Coach O type if I have ever saw one! Also, Matthew Thomas from Miami is a LB whose specialty is causing distruption at the LOS. Putting him in plays during a game and let him loose to cause havoc. That would be ideal in a football league of gimmick (WSU, ORE, ARIZ,UT to name a few) offenses. These 2 have been offered scholies, so the interest by the coaching staff is there! Manomanoman if we got ‘dim two!

  • ftfo2009

    Yes. /thread

  • spedjones

    The answer is yes. Hobbi, Cravens and Vanderdoes will all be Bruins.

  • ftfo2009

    And ctrl + c…

  • in sheep’s clothing

    hobbi was a 2012 recruit; cravens is definitely not going anyhwere; if vanderdoes doesn’t end up at USC it’ll be MLB or maybe oregon – not ucla.


    Wow spud you’re a bigger moron than I thought lol

  • Bruin Rob is my idol

    They already lost one, that kid Jalen something from Tennessee.

  • spedjones

    whatevs. just remember who was here telling you McCarthy was a bruin long before it happened.