On Penn State Games

The NCAA vacated Penn State victories dating back to 1998 as part of its sanctions. That will not alter USC’s record books, though, because the Trojans’ three losses in the 1990’s to the Nittany Lions occurred prior to ’98.

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  • ericb

    You don’t seem to understand the whole vacating of wins stuff. It’s not a forfeit. The record of the team that loses doesn’t change. Even if USC had lost to Penn State after ’98 it still wouldn’t affect USC record books.

  • spedjones

    seriously, after reporting through the entire SC sanction thing, how can you get this wrong Scotty? Trogans…

  • in sheep’s clothing

    vacating of wins just never made sense to me – in any case. we wouldn’t be claiming those losses as wins anyway — not only because you don’t actually get to claim a loss as a win(vacated loss?) — but if you don’t win the game you don’t win the game, to place it simply.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    And Wolf makes his bid for the most clueless comment…
    What say you, Bill?

  • Chiete76

    WOW! Even I, an enigma inside a bar pitcher, inside and enigma, knew that! My confidence in Scott’s reporting is shattered. Of course I am an optimist and try to refrain form the surly evaluations of Scott’s negative reporting………

  • steve49

    NCAA, what a bunch of academic idiots. The money part of the sanctions I agree with. It doesn’t make sense to me to punish kids in school now, or committed for next year. What did they do? Why not fire every one of the directors, all the coaching staff that was there, the AD, his staff and totally clean house. Why was JoePa the only fall guy. Let them go to bowl games and forfeit any financial gain from it for a number of years. Just seems like a bunch of politically correct bullshit to me. But that’s academia for you. Just sayin…

  • DixieTrojan

    I have a question for the group:

    If you were Bobby Bowden right now, do you celebrate that you are now the winningest coach in college football history?

  • ftfo2009

    I think Bowden was Paterno’s good friend. So no.

  • NJ Trojan

    Wolf is a dufus. All-time USC is 5-4 against the Lions. USC beat ’em in the RB after the 1922 season but lost to ’em in the Fiesta following the 1981 season. In the 1990s, USC & Penn State played 2 games in the Coliseum & 2 games in Happy Valley. USC won the two games in L.A. & lost the two games in PA. The Trojans & the Lions played in 2 Kickoff Classics with USC losing in 1996 & winning in 2000. Most recently, USC beat ’em in the RB after the 1998 season.


    *2008-09 season was the most recent Trojan victory over Penn State. Mark Sanchez was the Rose Bowl MVP.