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How do you feel about the NCAA’s sanctions against Penn State?
Just right Too harsh Not harsh enough Don’t know   

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  • Ex-Cop

    Mark me down for “just right”. In addition to the civil and criminal actions against the perpetrators involved in the scandal, the NCAA had to take action against the institution.

    This was a crime that happened within the football program, which was covered up by those in charge within the institution, with an eye towards protecting the reputation of the football program at the expense of the safety of vunerable children.

    The institution acted to protect the football program, it is just and proper to punish the football program.

  • scidiot

    About right. Maybe an extra year if the goal was to de-emphasize football permanently.

  • schammer47


    You are exactly right.

    UPON DISCOVERY that Sandusky was an “in-house” child molester, turn him in to be arrested without bail. Have him tried by a jury and if found guilty, well…….publically Hang the Bastard WITHOUT his favorite Penn State T-shirt.

    The Program goes free.

    FIGHT ON, TROJANS….we have the BIG BOWL to look forward to !!!

  • steve49

    So the institution acted to protect football, why didn’t heads roll all over the institution? All this is about is sending a message, right? I agree sandusky should hang, but a whole lot of people are relieved that JoePa is taking the beating.