Son Of Baby Quarterback

Washington received a commitment from 8th-grader Tate Martell of San Diego, according to a PR firm representing quarterback coach Steve Clarkson.
Clarkson also coached David Sills, aka the Baby Quarterback, who committed to USC when he was an eighth grader.
“He is the youngest student to commit to a Division 1 school since Clarkson’s discovery David Sills committed to USC in 2010,” the press release said.
Apparently, Sills was a nobody until he was “discovered.”

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  • You say timeout, I say touchdown!

    My son is not born yet (hasn’t even been conceived actually)… but he is committed to playing QB @ SC. Unfortunately, he will probably only be 5’8″-5’10” (depending on the mom).

  • Globe

    – Baby QB
    – Larry Scott
    – Oregon cheerleaders

    I’m making a list of things Wolf has an odd infautation with.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Globe, you forgot soccer. Although much of the world shares that infatuation, so maybe’s it’s not an odd infatuation.

    How about the Venerable Gold Sheet?

  • USC Anteater

    History may prove me wrong, but I’m kind of embarrassed that SC is involved in the recruitment of a junior HS student. I’m just not sure about what this “commitment” does for USC. To my knowledge, Sills is not that once in a lifetime talent, especially now that this kid Martell is part of the landscape. All this seems to do is allow people like Clarkson to demand obscene amounts of money from hopeful families starting a few years earlier, i.e. makes talent identification and exposure in college football more like college basketball.

  • NJ Trojan

    @Globe, While Wolf is definitely odd, being infatuated with OR cheerleaders (or any college or pro cheerleaders) is not odd. When I was at USC I thought WA’s cheerleaders were very hot.

  • Stir the Bucket

    Now what? Your stuck with the housewives of NJ?

  • datrout

    LOL! What a JOKE! Clarkson’s “throwback league” should have been called the “throw up league”! That’s nothing but a money making scheme by Clarkson ($20,000 franchise fee)and simply another way for him to attempt to make a buck since so many other “guru’s” have cut into his business model. This is yet another marketing ploy from Clarkson to try to keep his name in print so he doesn’t simply fade away into obscurity where he rightfully belongs.

  • datrout

    USC Anteater is dead spot on! These pathetic parents are trying to circumvent the fact that their litte “super star” still has to go out and compete! These type people want to keep their little “super stars” from having to work and compete. Thats why they place their little “super stars” in a crummy league run by a dollar chasing “guru” who pumps them full of BS that they believe. It’s gonna be interesting to see this little “super star” play when it comes to HS.

  • Son of Charlie Bucket

    wolfman, clever play on my unique handle to enhance your post!!

    when the trOXans take that big Penn State RB, you may caption your post “Revenge of Southern Cal”…

    you keep ooooooon scoooopin’, wolfman, and i’ll keep oooooon keepin’ on!!!

  • Evil Robot

    Is someone really “Also Known As”, when you are the only person who refers to him that way? It was a tremendously creative moniker you placed upon him, so I can’t understand why it never caught on beyond your headspace.


    @Globe: you forgot Caesar (aka Pete Carroll)!


  • ftfo2009
  • BoscoH

    There is nothing odd about liking the Oregon Cheerleaders.

    Pfight On!

  • dtksr1

    This is really becoming a laughing embarressment started by Penn St. & Texas programs, then robbing the cradle offering sophomores & juniors and ending with Kiffin offering a 12 year old that a “paid-tudor” recommends.
    You have here #1-A Parent living thru his kid or,
    #2-A coach seeking publicity or #3-a guru tudor making a name & $ for himself!
    You are cheapening a $100K scholarship to those who truly work hard to earn it, just for someone still crying to his mother when he doesn’t get his way on something.You have locked up a scholie for this?
    You don’t even snif at a player until he is maybe a next year junior in highschool, then check his talent, his grades at school & his family life. Then you begin a relationship of interest that a kid will truely understand by that time and not be a snot-nosed hotshot in his own mind who will now feel entitlement. You know what happens then…