Meeting Of The Minds

USC coach Lane Kiffin met with Penn State tailback Silas Redd for more than three hours in Connecticut today. Details here.

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    You know the vultures will come out chastising the poachers.

    On its face it looks bad that Kiffin flies cross-country to steal a great running back from a school that is down on its luck at the moment.

    But then again, Kiff had it happen to him in 2010 so he might be thinking, “Hey, some of you stole my guys when SC was down, I turned a blind eye, and now it’s my turn”

    If this Penn State stud does come to SC, you will see every closet hypocrite appear i.e. coaches, UCKLA posters etc.

    I say, “So what”

  • 3rdandlong

    No issues here. The biggest issue I had with SC sanctions and now Penn State, is that it punishes kids that had nothing to do with committing the infractions. Having said that the only saving grace for these kids then is that they are then free to transfer wherever without having to sit out a year. Every kid has to decide what is best for them, given the circumstances thrown at them. Whether it was an opposing coach laying out playing options for an SC kid a few years ago or now Coach Kiffin laying it out for a kid from Penn State now, I have zero issue with that.

    Ultimately it is up to the kid to do what they feel is best for them given these unforeseen circumstances. If any fans are pissed at the outcome, then be pissed with Reggie, Pete, Joe Pa, the respective AD’s etc. but don’t throw it on the opposing coaches or the kids. Also not sure if I would call it down on your luck. SC messed up running a very loose program and had to swallow the medicine. Penn State did even worse covering up a series of horrendous crimes and now its time to swallow the medicine. In my opinion that ain’t down on your luck. Each program needs to deal with it and move on. Looks like SC has and now Penn State has to.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    since the word hypocrite was used above (correctly–what an improvement!!) i think i will check the archives to see what trOXans said about the young men who jumped ship when their sanctions were announced…i wonder what i’ll find???

  • ftfo2009

    I think it’s pretty obvious what you’ll find – a lot of fans saying the players who transferred aren’t that good (and now in retrospect, it’s pretty obvious they were right). But have fun with the appropriate use of your free time!

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    well looky-looky!! Hypocrisy, thy name is trOXan!!!!

    Lawyer Juan said:
    F seantrel henderson. Get the hell out of here and play at ucla or notre dame so we can kick your ass for four years.
    June 24, 2010 1:29 PM

    Yoda said:
    shades of Renardo Sydney, hmmm?

    more padewons to follow suit, i sense.

    herh herh herh.
    February 3, 2010 10:40 PM

    “Count” Smackula said:
    I am Count Smackula, und i just luff to count!

    Just vant to remind everyone zer are 15 days remainink until ze NCAA infractions hearink.

    Herr Henderson is vaiting! Auf Wiedersehen!
    February 4, 2010 7:35 AM

  • ftfo2009

    Seantrel wasn’t a transfer. And he can still go suck a tailpipe.

  • gotroy22

    “Any transferred Penn State player who gets a scholarship does not count against another school’s scholarship total. However, the NCAA has clarified that a school “subject to scholarship limits due to an infractions case is allowed to accept transfers from Penn State but cannot exceed the scholarship limits specified in its infractions report.”

    USC, which was sanctioned by the NCAA in 2010 over improper benefits, is at its limit of 75 players, so a spot would have to open up for Redd to transfer to the school. USC believes at least one player will be academically ineligible, opening up a spot for Redd. The backup plan would have a walk-on giving up a scholarship.”

    So who loses their scholie?

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    College football is a business, not a religion, and that kid shouldn’t fall for any of that State College idolatry. Judging him for leaving the smoking ruins of the Penn State program would be insane. He does not owe that place anything. What’s next — criticizing employees for getting the heck out of failing companies? Judging investors for selling the stocks of companies on the edge of bankruptcy?

  • schammer47

    Trojan Conquest said this: “Penn State has only one returning offensive lineman.” And yes, “The Penn State program has become a smoking ruins,” quoting W.E.B.

    Mr. Redd, at USC, will be playing for the NCAA National Championship in 2012, all things considered.

    No athletic sport is a religion, with the possible exception of International Soccer and ucla’s women’s badminton. But what a JOY it is to belong to THE BEST; THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA’S NCAA FOOTBALL PROGRAM !!!


  • Trojanfan

    Hey bucket , you fuckin idiot, quit living in the past

    Wow!!!…that newspaper route is really taking away from your keyboard time

    PS….fuck the cadre

  • Trojan Conquest

    Getting tired of the national media having selective memories. Didn’t hear any of this outrage when other coaches were poaching our players. Shouldn’t it be up to what’s best for the players? O’Brien is preaching this loyalty crap trying to influence these young men, but shouldn’t it be their choice?
    Even Lincoln Kennedy on the radio was saying that USC got an unfair advantage because of what was given to Bush & his family, but then said his almamater got wrongly penalized for a poor kid taking an innocent loan that he was going to pay back. That loan was $50,000! What a crook of shit! And this guy is the father of incoming freshman Banner.

  • TrojanPete

    There’s a reason why Zach Banner’s last name isn’t Kennedy. He doesn’t consider Lincoln his father as Lincoln isn’t in Zach’s life and he was adopted by Ron Banner once Zach’s mother married Ron. Zach didn’t find out Lincoln was his father until he was in the 7th grade. A lot of people think Zach didn’t go to UW because he didn’t want to hear the comparisons to Lincoln. Thanks for the DNA contribution, Lincoln. Sorry for the sour grapes.

  • ftfo2009

    I have yet to hear/read someone on a respected radio/tv/internet show/site way that what USC received was a fair penalty. What PSU got was unfair, but it had to be worse than USC. The NCAA has stupidly pushed it’s own snowball down the hill; if infractions/crimes from universities become increasingly more offensive, they will have to give out harsher and harsher penalties, until they become so blatantly draconian that they lose all credibility.

    Can’t wait.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Pete…thanks for that info about Kennedy. I thought there might be something up with the different last names.

  • miguelito

    Hawr Hawr Hawr

    maybe kiffers should be looking for another defensive end.

  • ftfo2009

    u mad bro?

  • marvgoux

    Really W.E.B.? For those of us who actually went to SC we are rooting for our alma mater, through thick and thin, not a business like Microsoft, Enron or We walk those hallowed halls on campus and recount the good times we had as students. If I was as cynical as you are I wouldn’t bother.

  • TrojanPete

    Trojan Conquest,

    Zach Banner actually found out when he inadvertently stumbled upon a document in his house during a remodeling period. He’s met Lincoln once. Ron Banner is a big guy and raised Zach like he was his own so Zach never had any suspicion that Ron wasn’t his biological father. Anyway, it’ll be nice to see him in Cardinal and Gold!

    As for Silas Redd–he obviously has a tough decision. His heart I’m sure is at Penn State. That’s where he committed to out of high school, it’s where he’s been the past 2 years, and it’s where he has thrived. He went there for a number of reasons, one of which I’m sure is to win a national championship. He just found out that he can’t achieve that there and that all of a sudden, he has the rare opportunity to go to a top university across the country that has a better football team and that has a need for him. It’s still a very tough decision and we have to understand that no matter what he chooses next week.


    Miguelita, this is why you root for a pansy-ass football team. You express happiness in one of our players getting hurt?

    Hope Devon Kennard is ok. You’re an idiot. Enjoy UCLA being a fucking joke. Moron.



    Via CBSsports… hahahahahaha….

    “Having sent 40 prospects to the NFL via the draft over the past five seasons — or put in another way — three more than Oregon, Stanford and UCLA have sent combined during the same time period, it is quite clear which team is the dominant producer of NFL talent in the Pac-12 conference.”


  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Yes, indeed, I am a USC alum, but like I said, we are not talking about religion here — thinking that way about college football leads down the path toward the Penn State Way: thinking that a coach and a football program matter more than anything, even child abuse. It leads to putting up a statute in worship of Pope Joe Paterno, who was not even retired yet when that ridiculous thing was installed.

    A modern university is really several different enterprises crammed together into one institution, and the enterprise of college football is a business enterprise, the developmental league for the NFL. The players at Penn State should be looking to take care of themselves and their families, the same way that the coaches and A.D.’s are looking out for their own interests. Silas Redd should not let his judgment be clouded by O’Brien’s preaching about loyalty to Penn State.