8 thoughts on “Hatcher Update

  1. More importantly DE Devon Kennard may be out for the season. The defense really needed him, especially since he can drop into short coverage when other’s blitz…..Of course Scott will cover this as 2nd major injury during weightlifting and go on to attack the strength and conditioning staff.

  2. It is almost 1 p.m. PT and everyone else in the media is saying 4 p.m. PT or 7 p.m. ET. Wolf, do you know something everyone else doesn’t know?

  3. No WolfPutz is just an idiot with wrong information as usual. Wolfie is always late to the party..that is if he is ever even invited.

    It’s at 4pm PT.

  4. Wolf can’t be bothered with such irrelevant details, when the more pressing issue of sock colors is still undecided.

  5. Jason Hatcher to USC
    Welcome to SC, Jason!
    Fight On!
    Kiffin/Orgeron are unbelievable.

  6. No hard feelings anymore Coach “O” & Kif on what happened last year with those top linemen recruits signing elsewhere. You have regrouped nicely and I think it is safe to say you guys are kicking all other coaching staff’s butts right now with an unbelievable 2013 class. Jason Hatcher is just another solid example no school or its recruiting turf is safe from SC coming in and taking its top talent away to Cali!

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