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Penn State tailback Silas Redd’s transcripts arrived at USC, the next step toward what looks like his inevitable enrollment. Redd should be at USC on Saturday and then officially announce his decision.
Some questions: How will his late enrollment affect chemistry with the other backs? How will recruits like Ty Isaac feel? If Redd does not turn pro after next season, will USC still take two tailbacks in its recruiting class?

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  1. Scott, is there any truth to the rumor that Coach Lane F—ing Kiffin (say his whole name) spent a good half hour telling young Silas that he didn’t have to change his last name to Cardinall-Goldd to convince CLFK to give him a precious schollie?

  2. I want you to take one minute, reread your post, then try again without going full retard on me.

  3. Oops, there go the Wolf-alarms. Scott has never viewed a scene where a crisis could not possibly emerge. Or is that just our boy begging for some attention again?

    I don’t think the new kid on the block will pose any problems with the other backs. For one, Silas is not guaranteed a starting job, he will have to prove himself all over again at a new school.

    Second, there will be playing time for the three experienced backs SC has. Third, Silas will only be at SC for one year, and the new recruits were probably not going to see much of the field this year anyway.

    Finally, Silas brings a dimension SC was missing and one in which I presume all the players will embrace. Namely, that 3rd and 2 bruiser who can pick up those tough first downs.

  4. Do you read anything other than the idiotic thoughts you yourself write, Wolf?

    Curtis McNeal has already made it clear that he welcomes this as I’m sure he’ll feel comfort in knowing there is depth relieving him of carrying the entire run game on his back. McNeal averaged the most YPC since Reggie Bush–nobody takes his starting job at this point.

    Redd will either be gone or in his final year when new recruits arrive in ’13 so why would they be mad? Compete with a senior and beat him or learn and play as a sophomore when he’s gone. Unless he enters the draft after this ’12 season.

    Nobody on the tailback roster has a single career carry other than McNeal and DJ Morgan (and Morgan only has 40-something). Silas Redd is perfect to help USC’s offense right now.

    I really hope Devon Kennard is ok. What a blow for the Trojan defense and for such a great young man. Academic All-American, senior looking to have a big year, FIGHT ON #42.


  5. Oh yeah, were you even planning on mentioning Devon Kennard, Wolf? You’re the USC beat writer, you’re on Twitter where news is easier than ever, what’s your deal?!


  6. If Silas Redd joins USC, would this affect the availability of a scholarship for Jason Hatcher who is supposed to announce today at 4pm?

  7. As everybody but Wolf seems to know Kennard could be out for the season. While the OL seems to be in relatively decent shape the DL is questionable. Only 1 starter will return on the DL. USC had to replace both starting DTs from last year. Ideal NTs should be about 6-2 or 6-3 & 315 lbs. The coaches must have been hoping that RS FR Woods (6-1, 315) would be ready to start at NT. Apparently he wasnt since USC turned instead to the undersized SO Tavai (6-2, 265) who was good enough to play in the rotation as a true FR last year. Maybe Woods will get the message & fight harder to win that starting spot in pre-season camp. RS FR Temple (6-3, 280) is supposed to provide depth but I dont see him on USCs current roster? Does anybody know if thats an oversight or did he leave the team??? He was injured last spring–does anybody know what his status is? The promising RS SO Uko (6-3, 285) will start in the 3T position. WO Kusnir (6-5, 265) is the listed back up but RS FR Heyward (6-2, 285) should get a long look in August since he was unavailable due to injury this spring. Does anybody know what his status is?

  8. Perry who earned all-P12 honors at DE gave up his final year of eligibility for a shot in the NFL but USC returns RS SR Horton (6-5, 255) who earned 2nd team all-P12 honors. Hes supposed to start on the right and SR Kennard (6-3, 260) was supposed start on the left. With Kennard out RS FR Townsend (6-3, 260) with the famous name will have the opportunity to step up. At this point RS JR Greene (6-4, 255) & JR Breslin (6-2, 250) who transferred from JC last semester appear to be the most likely back-ups. RS FR Burks (6-0, 230) & GS FR Wilson (6-5, 245) will compete for playing time but I bet the very talented incoming FR Williams (6-5, 270) will pass them both & work his way into the rotation this year.

  9. morgan has turf-toe. all the sudden redd is critical. we will very likely be mostly a two back tandem with mcneal and redd if he comes aboard.

  10. So were Justin Davis and/or Ty Isaac planning to redshirt?
    If not, will that change if Redd Commits?

  11. Lev is so far ahead of Wolf re Kennard. He’s already posted comments by Horton as to which kid will most likely step in for Kennard. The story seems to suggest it will be either Williams, Breslin or Townsend–in that order.

  12. NJ – when are you starting your own blog?… what do you think of USC’s national championship chances considering our lack of depth @ D-Line and now this?

  13. Welcome to Open Forum Wolf. Although you’re only supposed to ask one question, we’ll let it go this time. One of your peers has already quoted McNeal as saying Redd’s addition will be good since it will add depth & he’s not afraid of losing his starting spot. Another peer has already commented on Morgan’s recent injury. Turf toe is one of those injuries that can hang around so having Redd in there early is critical. Allen is the guy that has the most to lose but he hasn’t earned much yet anyway. The rest of the team must realize that they need another TB & Redd seems to be the only short term option other than Agholor who’s needed at WR. So he’ll be welcomed with open arms. Recruits shouldn’t care whatsoever. They would nly have to compete with Redd for one year at the most. McNeal is gone after this year & if Redd has a good year he’ll bolt too. That would leave Morgan, Allen & Madden. Of course USC would take Davis & Isaac no matter what Redd does.

  14. Go easy on Wolf. Afterall, I’m sure he’s looking into whether Silas Redd coming to SC will influence CJ Spiller’s decision.

  15. @You say timeout, I say touchdown!: I think it’s way too early to project the P12 divisional champs, let alone the NC.

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    Who wants some jerk who abadoned his teammates because of a few sanctions? Barks didn’t leave us, he is a real Trojan, not a rented one.

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  20. M. Lev says if Redd transfers to USC it counts against this class of 18 AND the 75 yearly limit. WTF???

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