On The Line

With the news today that defensive end Devon Kennard tore his pectoral muscle and could be out anywhere from two months to the entire season, will he redshirt? And if he returns in 2013, does that impact USC at all in how it gives out those 18 scholarships?
Defensive end Jason Hatcher could commit today but if Kennard redshirts, does that make any difference regarding Hatcher?
And who replaces Kennard? Greg Townsend? Morgan Breslin? Leonard Williams?
Whoever starts, it really makes the defensive line USC’s biggest question mark with three new starters in the season opener.

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  • BiII

    I have always said USC would eventually pay, and now it is beginning. You idiots did not believe me. I bet you all are little less arrogant now. Know who is better and smarter than you. Give it more time and you will all soon be feeling more consequences.


  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Hatcher did commit to USC today.

    Bill, is your ass sore from all the times Sandusky “probed ” you ?

  • usc50ucla0

    I guess Silas Redd had unkind words for Bill… thus, he’s paying by not being offered at fUCLA… paying it forward?


    Has ‘Pedophile Bill’ stopped accusing Monte Kiffin of what Bill apparently has dreams of doing?

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    This is all starting to make sense. All misfortunes over the past several weeks is tied to Bill’s ominous warnings. For me, it was stubbing my toe the other week to spilling a cocktail last weekend. It’s payback for me telling Bill to wear his helmet. Bill is the real life Professor Chaos from South Park.

  • gilligan

    Weren’t these questions already answered by the OC Register yesterday immediately after the occurence?

  • Gnossos

    Billy, Please assume the position.
    Your Friend,
    -The Leprechaun

  • BiII

    Forever disrespectful idiots that have no class. You will pay consequences for being disrespectful, as you have already been.


  • BiII

    You idiots think you are humorous when none of your jokes are funny at all. Well when things take a turn for the worse for all of you, I wont be laughing because I have class, I will just be shaking my head feeling sorry for all of you, and maybe somewhat satisfied because you all deserve what is cloming.


  • wrong

    Hey, “Bill”…

    Feel welcomed to take your immature prophecy to a different site (perhaps an offline site). Devon Kennard is a hardworking young man that will miss a significant amount of time from doing something he loves. Any idea that he’s paying a cost due to what others have done before him is ridiculous.

    If you’ve got the stones to do it- Throw them around elsewhere. Your jealous ill will is sickening.

  • Gnossos

    Billy, Billy, Billy……your claim of possessing class
    went out the window with your Monte Kiffin comments. You are the only IDIOT here, please act your age.
    See you in the Men’s Room, your pal,
    -The Leprechaun

  • gotroy22

    Scott, can’t you ban bill like you banned nobs? All these posts directed at him detract from your site.

  • trojansince1949

    This is my second post. I am a long time reader. As I said in my first post, I attended my first game at the Coliseum with my Dad when I was six. Throughout the day my Dad, an alum from the early 30’s, offered various explanations and examples about the meaning of being a Trojan, which didn’t necessarily mean attending the school, although eventually I did. Being a Trojan, my father was saying, was a state of being, a way of living one’s life. I listened intently to my Dad’s words and I connected my father’s words with what was happening around me, the Trojans in the stands around me and across the field in the student section, and the Trojan players on the field. More than anything in my young life I wanted to a part of this family of Trojans and I decided that day that I would be a Trojan. A few weeks later, at the next game my Dad took me to, I told him that I had decided to be a Trojan. I will never forget what my Dad then said to me, more than 60 years ago, “You will the Trojans by their deeds.”

  • trojansince1949

    Correction: “You will know the Trojans by their deeds.”

    Addendum: Mr. Bill, join us, we are the Trojan family, if only through January. Words are powerful things and your powers can cause great things to happen.

  • How about converting one the many 5-start super studs USC has been blessed with to the DLine?

  • marvgoux

    trojansince1949, thanks for a great post and reminding readers that USC is not a “business.”

  • Mike 70

    welcome Trojan since 49. Gosh, now CerritosLob is giving coaching advice? Stick to San Bernadino and the baby blue ruins. HOw is your recruting season going Rob?

  • Trojanfan

    Bucket is a fuckin idiot

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    Geez Louise!! i haven’t even been around here lately and i am STILL way in the Nabobs heads!!

    i honestly didn’t mean to mind-&%$# the entire University of Shouldda-Couldda!!

    perhaps this Jedi mind trick is the real Revenge of Bucket!!

  • Hi Mikey, the UCLA recruiting class is going very well, UCLA is filling the spots they needed to fill, and it’s only going to get better since USC is 10 scholies short for the year…USC may have the #1 class, but they are just getting a bunch of DBs and have once again ignored the OLine, and if you knew anything about football, you can have the greatest QB in the world and the fastest receivers, the best RBs, but if you don’t have a great OLine to go along with those three, your offense is only 60-70% effective and I only see 2 OLinemen in this class and only 3 in the last one? UCLA in the other hand is filling the holes very nicely and we will be in the top 10 when at National signing day…guaranFreackingTee it.

  • Edward

    Georgia HS RB Green decommits from UCLA (Purdue). Texas HS DE Prevot commits to USC.