More On The Defensive Line

This week reminds of a few years back when USC nose tackle Bernard Riley tore knee ligaments during the season and was replaced by Mike Patterson, who became an All-American.
I’m not about to say whoever replaces defensive end Devon Kennard will experience similar success, but the point is when a player gets injured, someone often raises their game when they replace them. It’s a lot different being a starter than a reserve. Just ask Matt Leinart.
So whether it’s Greg Townsend or Morgan reor Leonard Williams, no one really knows yet whether or not the defense will suffer. Or if one of those players might flourish with more responsibility.

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  • Ex-Cop

    Holy schla-moley! An actual bona fid-ee positive — even hopeful — post by Wolf? Are the pigs flying today?

  • SoCaLNative_1959

    This just in. Record low temperatures in Hell. Frost reported with lows below 32 degrees

  • I partied with John DeLorean

    Unbelievable. Scott didn’t neg spin it.



  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    Geez Louise!! i haven’t even been around here lately and i am STILL way in the Nabobs heads!!

    i honestly didn’t mean to mind-&%$# the entire University of Shouldda-Couldda!!

    perhaps this Jedi mind trick is the real Revenge of Bucket!!

  • malachi crunch5

    Good job Scooter. Had to make up for the earlier screw up I guess.

  • Ben Factor

    It’s funny the moments Scott chooses to get optimistic:

    1. Orgeron commented in Spring practice that the two starters at DE were way ahead of the substitutes, implying that he was concerned about the drop in effectiveness when the subs entered the game.

    2. Kiffin stated last week that the Carroll defenses didn’t have to substitute as often as he thinks USC needs to substitute now. That was because of the less powerful passing offenses, the greater use of the no huddle and other strategies to speed up the the offensive pressure, and the greater quality of the defenses during past years.

    3. Even if Morgan, Greene, Townsend, or Williams rises to the occasion, that player would have been the #1 substitute, not the starter. Based on 1 and 2 above, the next man up may not have improved as much. Moreover, don’t forget that one prior plan was to give Williams a try at reserve DT, where depth and quality are also issues. Table that idea.

    4. Will this injury ruin the team, the way an injury to Barkley might ruin the team? No. However, IMHO, USC MIGHT be able to adjust to the absence of Robert Woods better than it will to the loss of Kennard. Flournoy is a talented junior who knows what he’s doing, Farmer is genuinely a potential star if he’s healthy, and if Redd transfers, Agholor the quick study can stay at WR.

    5. On the bright side, if Redd transfers, USC has the option to run more and pass less. It also has good depth at TE, which might facilitate a run-friendly two-TE approach (see Stanford). That might be part of the solution to the issue of DL depth. Run the ball more, use the clock, and keep the defense fresher, so that fewer substitutions are needed. It works for Nick Saban.

    6. On the dark side, USC is gunning for an NC, not a “successful” season. The margin of error at the top is very thin.

  • scsyco

    I’m not buying it. Fool me once…

  • Trojanfan

    Hey bucket(what a piece of shit)…. looks like bruinrod has you working overtime, between your chores at the tree house(cadre) and the newspaper route…..keep it up!

    PS….Love the undercover posting