Fight on #25!

  • BoscoH

    Any chance Art Bartner will dig back into the early 1980s song catalogs and teach his wonderful band to fill the Coliseum with Sammy Hagar’s “Red”?


  • in sheep’s clothing

    mark willard(espn radio) reported that we are sitting deadd redd; silas to USC.

  • USC’89

    Good. USC is going to need Redd as the Defense is going to suck big time and USC will have to win every game 52-46.

    Its going to be 2005 all over again, but hopefully without the terrible ending.


    If Redd were simply staying put at Penn St I don’t believe he would conduct a news conference to announce that.

    So if this were a horse race my money is on SC

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Rather than sitting at a table and choosing from among two or three caps from different schools, Redd should pick between souvenir replicas of Tommy Trojan and the Paterno statue.

    That’s how P.T. Barnum would stage it.