Redd Statement

Penn State tailback Silas Redd released a statement today on his transfer:
“I continue to have aspirations for my life, and as my family and I considered the bigger picture, both on and off the field, it became clearer to me that USC will be the best fit for my academic, athletic, and personal needs over the next two years.”

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  • gotroy22

    Welcome to the Trojan Family, Silas!

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    Is Nittany Lion Redd is now a Trojan, does this mean Snoop Lion (fka Snoop Dogg) is really Snoop Nittany Lion? Can’t keep all of this Playa Movement straight anymore.

  • schammer47

    True Freshman Marcus Martin’s amazing rise to a top flight starting left guard and Khaled Holmes’s remarkable adjustment from right guard to the center position quite possibly had more to do with our Trojan’s 2012 offensive jugarnaut then anything else, i.e. 50 to 0 fu*kover of “Revenge’s”……revenge H*LL !!!!!!! Bucket, being fed 4 quarters of Trojan sh*t isn’t what we call “revenge”, and besides, you can’t hand out revenge to the Trojan Family when your head’s up your A$$ and, like you, your school is continually sh*t-faced.

    I got off the subject. Forgive me.

    Question: Does anyone have first hand knowledge when Mr. Redd will be ready to take over as first string TB in the event Curtis McNeal is injured? I am assuming Silas stays healthy throughout “two-a-days”, is in shape before the first game. Will he be ready to contribute big-time against Hawaii or will it take several/many weeks into the season? Thanks !


  • BiII

    Lane Kiffen showed how sleazy he is and manipulated this player. USC is and always will be full of low lifes. None of you idiots even realize it. You are too stupid, and deep down you know I am better than any one of you. None of you even present a challenge. Say something intelligent. 3 or 4 losses are in the teams future and you heard it here first.
    Cheer on morons, the payback is just beginning


  • Trojanfan

    Hey Billy, if we are all idiots and USC football is junk, why do you keep hanging around…..I don’t think the meds are working

  • Gnossos

    Billy, ‘sleaze’ is what YOU do in public restrooms.
    -The Leprechaun

  • BiIl

    I am an idiot



    The definition of a sleaze is saying Monte Kiffin looks like a pedophile.

    Got it, Bill!

  • LovetheCapper

    Billy, you are so right! I am so sorry for not giving you a tip at Christmas. When you pick my trash tomorrow morning, there will be an evelope in ONE of the trash cans with a nice crisp dollar bill for you. Merry Christmas. (Don’t tell the guard at the entrance to our community. I didn’t give him a gift either)

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Bill tries to live life on the edge, and not wear his helmet. But, he’s only hurting himself.

    How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

  • ftfo2009

    I can make shitty vague predictions also:

    UCLA Basketball will lose 100 or more games, in the next 100 years. You heard it here first!

    Also, really? Kiffen? Can’t you fucking spell?