• Trojan Conquest

    Really going out on a limb…

  • scidiot

    I would love to see this match up.

  • bushwhite
  • steve49

    Buy your tickets now, it’s gonna be a great game.

  • TrojanRick

    Better how many years later than not at all?!
    The game that shoulda been could finally happen.
    Talk about a TV ratings bonanza!
    I like the sound/look of Redd in red, don’t you?!

  • oregon111

    why don’t we just pass out all the trophies now so we can skip all the games and save money on all the travel expenses?

    And I am more annoyed that they picked LSU – OK, they have a punter who can boom it like Ray Guy and they can kick field goals

    and they have this overrated guy called honeybadger

    and they have some sexy fans, but I am officially bored with LSU/Alabama/and the rest of the states who lost the civil war

    only one more month to go and then all the bullsh!t stops cuz the games will actually begin

  • carlosb

    @oregon111.. LMAO.. Once your ducks are finally able to start beating the SEC on the national stage, your boredom will cease.

  • ftfo2009

    If anyone actually believes him, they should just bet half their life savings on USC winning the bcs, and the other half on LSU. Otherwise who gives a fuck.