Redd Update

Penn State tailback Silas Redd was spotted on campus this morning as he visits USC. We hear his transcripts are still be evaluated by university officials and his decision could come early this week.

Medal Count


USC’s won three medals so far at the London Olympics, all in swimming. Clement Lefert won a gold medal in the 400-meter relay with France; Amanda Weir won a bronze for the United States in the 400 relay and Vladimir Morozov won a bronze in the 400 relay.
Lefert (left) displays his gold medal with his French teammates Sunday night in London.

Morning Buzz

USC received a commitment from shooting guard Kahlil Dukes of Capital Prep Magnet School in Hartford, Conn. Dukes (6-feet, 160 pounds) raised his profile this summer by leading several tournaments in scoring and is the Trojans’ first commitment for the Class of 2013.
USC will sign six players this year.

More On The Defensive Line

This week reminds of a few years back when USC nose tackle Bernard Riley tore knee ligaments during the season and was replaced by Mike Patterson, who became an All-American.
I’m not about to say whoever replaces defensive end Devon Kennard will experience similar success, but the point is when a player gets injured, someone often raises their game when they replace them. It’s a lot different being a starter than a reserve. Just ask Matt Leinart.
So whether it’s Greg Townsend or Morgan reor Leonard Williams, no one really knows yet whether or not the defense will suffer. Or if one of those players might flourish with more responsibility.

Saturday Buzz

Penn State tailback Silas Redd is expected to be on campus today. His family is also trying to make the trip east in order to see USC before he makes an official decision.

Morning Buzz


With the Olympics underway, London is hosting for the first time since 1948. And here is a picture of USC’s Wilbur Thompson winning the gold medal at the 1948 Summer Olympics.

Zuma Press/Newscom
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On The Line

With the news today that defensive end Devon Kennard tore his pectoral muscle and could be out anywhere from two months to the entire season, will he redshirt? And if he returns in 2013, does that impact USC at all in how it gives out those 18 scholarships?
Defensive end Jason Hatcher could commit today but if Kennard redshirts, does that make any difference regarding Hatcher?
And who replaces Kennard? Greg Townsend? Morgan Breslin? Leonard Williams?
Whoever starts, it really makes the defensive line USC’s biggest question mark with three new starters in the season opener.