Morning Buzz


Penn State tailback Silas Redd will arrive at USC on Friday in anticipation of Monday’s opening football practice.

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  • dtksr1

    Welcome Silas, to the Trojan family of supporters. We will post about you constantly! Hope you work hard during pre-season practice and get the connection you need. One note of caution: The more you fumble the ball, the more you will stand on the sidelines during the games watching other RB’s. That’s just the way it is here. Don’t lose the rock!

  • Quack Attack

    Southern Cal booster to Silas Redd “Hey son, I think you dropped your envelope of cash on the ground.”

    “I don’t have an env… ahhhh. Yes, uh, clumsy me.”

    “See you next month, Butterfingers.” (wink)

  • ftfo2009

    It’s nice that our boosters would point out his envelope of cash instead of just taking it themselves – I’m sure money is tight for an average student-athlete like Silas Redd.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Hey Quackie, Donald Duck U already hands out cash envelopes courtesy of Uncle Phil, too bad it hasn’t bought AFLAC U anything but big game loses too go with your hideous uniforms.

    Lose On Ducky

  • in sheep’s clothing

    it’s nice to have boosters with plenty of money – unlike oregon, with just one sugar-daddy, making it difficult to launder all of it coming from direction. ucla grads don’t have any money – that’s why they suck.


    HAHAHAHA I DIg Go Go Girls FTW!!


  • Quack Attack

    Nothing other than 3 consecutive BCS games, a Rose Bowl championship, 3 consecutive Pac 10/12 Championships and our pick of any recruit we want in the country, including stealing The Mamba right out from under you.

    I also remember 53-22 in the Coliseum.

  • You say timeout, I say touchdown!

    How funny for the 0reg0n troll to come here talking about success.

    Quack attack –
    How many National Championships has 0reg0n won? 0
    How many Heismans have 0reg0n players won? 0

    That’s not an “O” on your helmets that’s a zero “0”. Good luck trying to win your first ever National Championship/Heisman any time soon… not likely.


    The Yankees get booed wherever they go. The Trojans get booed wherever they go. The Lakers get booed wherever they go. The Heat gets booed wherever they go.

    UCKLA does not get booed wherever they go.

    I guess this means if the enemy hates you you must be doing something right. Right, Ore-gone and UCKLA posters?

  • Trojan in Seattle

    Thanks for keeping our seat warm while the sanctions were in play. We’ll take it from here.

  • ftfo2009


    You’ve won 2 rose bowls in the last million years…you realize that right?

  • Trojanfan

    Hey Quack, you’re a fuckin idiot….run along you piece of shit

    thanks for keeping the seat warm

    PS…how about your home lost to USC last year…ouch!!!!

  • Trojanfan

    Hey Quack, you’re a fuckin idiot….run along you piece of shit

    thanks for keeping the seat warm

    pick of any recruit….Ya right!!!!

    PS…how about your home lost to USC last year…ouch!!!!


    BAHAHAHAHAHA “You say timeout” and Lawyer Juan FTW!! Bro, the Quacks FINALLY won a Rose Bowl after ONE HUNDRED YEARS without one. LMFAO. You’re an idiot.
    Like Trojanfan said… run along… thanks for keeping the seat “warm” idiot!

    FIGHT ON!!

  • steve49

    I just cannot imagine someone being proud to be a duck. Oh well, losers are everywhere now. I thought for a long time they were all in westwood.