Kiffin’s Vote

Lane Kiffin votes in the coaches’ poll this season but would not reveal which team he selected No. 1. When told Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez voted for USC, Kiffin said, “I would not vote USC No. 1, I can tell you that.”

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  • BiII

    It surprises me that the arrogant Kiffen did not remark his team should be number 1 in the sports polls. He was secretly thinking in his head that USC is number 1. Crafty move by him to not hype his team but I know the real truth and what he was really thinking.


  • NJ Trojan

    Is he gonna pay, Bill?

  • Llib

    Bill, you live in a cell in solitary confinement in a prison of your own creation. Your cell has no furniture and no windows. Your cell is made of bone and the interior size of your cell is about 85 cubic inches. While there is a door to your cell, you are paralyzed by your past and thus unable to open it. There are two keys available that will remove your paralysis, open the door to your cell, and set you free. The first is for you to become a Trojan and the second is for you to find a university you can support, where you can invest your energy into assisting them in their annual battles against USC. If you do not use the keys, then you are doomed to remain in your cell forever, and the only power you will have is the power to continue to diminish yourself for all the world to see. Be mindful that the negative energy you bring to everything immediately becomes positive energy for Trojans at the very moment you create it in your 85 cubic inches. FIGHT ON!