Kiffin Busted

Lane Kiffin said he would not vote USC No. 1 in the coaches’ poll when I asked him about it two nights ago. But that’s exactly what he did because USA Today revealed his ballot. Full story here.
Key passage from story: “When a voter volunteers false or misleading information about his vote in public, then USA TODAY Sports, in its oversight role as administrator of the poll, will set the record straight to protect the poll’s integrity.”

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  • Gee! Kiffin lied? What?

  • LovetheCapper

    First of all, SO WHAT?

    Scott, you really are a douche bag. You know nobody in the SC Athletic Dept likes you in any way, including the coaches. So you dance around like a ferry because you got a reaction like this. Admit that nobody wants to be around you including the other scribes. Eating alone on the road….I’ve seen it. You are pathetic.

    If I were Kiff, I’d shine you on the rest of the year. Loser. Go ahead and ban me again. I’ll be back. And that’s NO BS.

  • Stepford

    Oh, boy, Kiffy the Clown STRIKES AGAIN. Don’t you love the $cumbag hypocrisy, emanating from that cesspool. Wow, you couldn’t make it up. Yup, I’m sure Kiffy was so appauled at Mora’s comment. Just like when he was in the SEC, the ol, boy scout over there never exaggerated. Yup, just like accusing your conferences coaches of cheating, or telling kids their degrees will be good for pumping gasif they go to a rival college. Oh boy, Kiffy the clown STRIKES again. Can’t wait to see what this lying, $cum, will lie about next. Perfect face for a lying organization full of cheaters, future meth addicts, and tax evaders. The Clown show continues. This fool, is going to be exposed like the coat tail riding loser he is. CHEAT ON!

  • NJ Trojan

    Does this mean Bill was right?

  • BoscoH

    What is he supposed to say? A better question would have been whether he fills out the ballot or has someone in the department do it for him.

  • Elroy_Jetson

    Why are any of you surprised at any of this? Kiffin is a complete douche bag who talks out of his ass every day of his life. But this is really a lame story — who cares who he voted for?

    I think the bigger story is that pussy Tessalone, crying like a little bitch to the paper! What a jerkoff!


    Welcome back NOBS. Stepford is a pansy. And Tessalone probably filled it out, not Kiffin.

    Oh yeah, 50-0

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Kiffin Busted? What do you think this is, Watergate 2.0? or Fast and Furious? Get over yourself. Its not like he was running a prostitution ring or smuggling illegals across the border. He gave you a b.s. answer because you are a lazy, imcompetent clown that deserved a b.s. answer.

    Thank you NOBS for filling us in on Wolf’s standing in the SC AD, as well as on the road. Although its not surprising, I appreciate anyone that points out that Wolf is an unlikable clown that is really bad at his job. Maybe the morons at The LA Daily News will realize the same, and fire him.

  • Does a bruin CRAP in the (West)woods

    I agree with Capper. So What!? Big friggen deal. Spurrier used to vote Duke #1 until they lost. Of course he’s going to vote his school #1, they’re N.T. contenders. So he lied, so what, have you ever heard of gamesmanship?

  • ThaiMex

    SCUm and KIFFY….kinda like Cheese and Crackers…or like nubsie and his new “QUEER” friend, “Fifty” (owns). The fish stinks from the head (coach).

    Fit on Torgan!

  • NotaFanofYou

    WolPutz blowing up his blog page with his Kiffin-Gate BS. Kiffin gave you a BS answer because you were the only moron to ask such a stupid question at practice the other day. Every other reporter there was asking questions about the TEAM. You know like they are supposed to do actually doing a real writer/reporters job.

    But no WolfPutz asks who Kiffin voted for on an irrelevant meaningless preseason poll. I hope he feeds you horseshit the rest of the year or even better after this doesn’t even respond to you period.

    You are a pure idiot.

  • Bill

    What else is Kiffin lying about?

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    Sugar sweeeeeeeet post, wolfman!!! you are already in mid-season form!!!

    so our Kiff is a liar with no integrity….thank you USA Today!!!!! stellar work exposing Kiff’s big fat lie!!!

    of course the Nabobs predictably attack the messanger rather than face the TRUTH!!!


    wolfman, this officially kicks off the season!!! i am back to full time posting!!!! I FEEL SO ALIVE!!!!! and tingly

  • Does a bruin CRAP in the (West)woods


  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    BUSTED!!!!! HAWR-HAWR!!!!!!!!!

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    BUSTED!!!!! HAWR-HAWR!!!!!!!!!

  • gotroy22

    No offense NOBS but it isn’t Scott’s job to be liked.

  • Trojanfan

    Bucket wrote:

    wolfman, this officially kicks off the season!!! i am back to full time posting!!!! I FEEL SO ALIVE!!!!! and tingly

    What he’s really saying is that he got fired from the paper route job and is making up for lost time on the hands and knees…..OUCH!!!!

    PS….the circle-jerk(cadre) is complete once again

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    KIFFIN BUSTED!!! i will never get tired of this sugar sweeet headline!!

    hey trojie fan, with NOBS back you are obsolete. lets face it, your niche was being the unfunny vulgar guy who is fixated on homo-erotica….but with NOBS back, your services are no longer required.

    so change your schtick or get lost. here’s a suggestion: former gay trashing latent homosexual who busts out of the closet and finds himself!! that’s gold, baby!! and it’s so YOU!!! HAWR-HAWR!!

  • usc50ucla0

    PeeBucket… the librarian said ur urine smelling friends are no longer welcome at the public computers. Clean up or that 21 day library card suspension will be perminent!

    btw your welcome in San Bernardino


  • Trojanfan

    Bucket you’re just sad because Bruinrob found a new boy toy

    PS… practice what you preach…”so change your schtick or get lost”….I like the get lost part better

    one more thing, why are you walking funny?….ouch!!!

  • Trojanfan

    Hey bucket, vulgar is when you swallow a mouth full, now that’s in bad taste….ouch!!!!

  • ftfo2009

    If you like this headline, you’ll love the one in december that reads “KIFFIN BUSTED ALL OVER JM JR’S FACE”

  • LovetheCapper

    go22, as a “beat writer”, Scott’s job is to report what he sees, hears and investigates. Gary Klein, from a REAL newspaper, fills the bill. Gary writes negative articles about SC at times. The difference is that Gary is not always trying to “prick” the skin under your fingernails like SW does to SC all the time. SW uses improper language (anyways?????) and thinks he’s cute. He is a BORE. You are right, SW doesn’t need to be liked. He needs to be PROFESSIONAL.

  • ftfo2009

    Scott wolf looks like a young Jeffrey Tambor with Down’s.

  • ProbationU

    Maybe Lane had a change of heart…who gives a $hit. SC…preseason #1. Sounds about right..and doesn’t mean much.

  • ftfo2009

    I think UCLA can agree – whatever it take so that we don’t have to suffer through another all SEC BCS title game.

  • oregon111

    liar liar pants on fire…

    more sanctions coming to a theater near you

    you have liars – we have the cool new quack cave media presence

  • Trojanfan

    Quack cave…LOL

    run a long dude, you’re on the wrong site