USC Rebuts USA Today

Here’s a statement from USC spokesperson Tim Tessalone regarding USA Today’s decision to make Lane Kiffin’s ballot public.

“USA TODAY sent a June 4, 2012, letter to coaches who agreed to vote in its college football poll stating that, except for the final poll of the regular season, ‘votes for all other polls will be kept confidential by USA TODAY.’
“The fact that the leadership of the American Football Coaches Association, which tasks USA TODAY to administer its poll, joined with the poll administrators from USA TODAY to decide to breach that confidentiality by providing to a reporter a coach’s vote in its pre-season poll is disappointing and attacks the integrity of the poll. Further, that the reporter who was given this information represents the very organization that conducts the poll is a conflict of journalistic interest.”

8 thoughts on “USC Rebuts USA Today

  1. TIM: When the F are you going to BAN this CLOWN?

    I know you don’t like the guy. I know the other writer don’t like the guy. And all he ever does is try to be a poor man’s TJ Simers. He’s just trying to be a distraction to the program. BAN THE CLOWN.

  2. Oh, boy, Kiffy the Clown STRIKES AGAIN. Don’t you love the $cumbag hypocrisy, emanating from that cesspool. Wow, you couldn’t make it up. Yup, I’m sure Kiffy was so appauled at Mora’s comment. Just like when he was in the SEC, the ol, boy scout over there never exaggerated. Yup, just like accusing your conferences coaches of cheating, or telling kids their degrees will be good for pumping gasif they go to a rival college. Oh boy, Kiffy the clown STRIKES again. Can’t wait to see what this lying, $cum, will lie about next. Perfect face for a lying organization full of cheaters, future meth addicts, and tax evaders. The Clown show continues. This fool, is going to be exposed like the coat tail riding loser he is. CHEAT ON!

  3. awww Fifty, don’t get butthurt just because your school can’t do anything of value without greasing a few palms!

  4. What did you expect from “KIFFY”? The guy has lied his entire life and isn’t going to change anytime soon. You fools deserve each other. LIMBO U, where the tradition continues.


  5. Tessalone needs to shut his mouth as it reeks of hypocrisy when talking about integrity after our boy Kiffen opened his big mouth again and LIED!!

  6. Run a long bucket, the newspapers need to get delivered on time

    Season ticket deadline is fast approaching

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