5 thoughts on “The Top 50

  1. we’re really good. barring injuries we’re guaranteed a championship, an AP title title at least, because the bcs has already relegated itself to insignificance.

  2. So Oregon’s top players break down as follows:


    1. 3 linebackers
    2. 1 safety
    3. 1 lineman


    1. 2 running backs
    2. 1 lineman

    So, almost half its starting defense is made up of Top-50 guys. That is impressive.

    And the Ducks also have 2 of the top running backs.
    Again, impressive.

    I bet the point spread will be about 5 points in favor of SC because the game is played in L.A. Which means if it were played in Oregon the Ducks would be favored by 1-point (Note: home team gets a 3-point “kicker”)

    This will be one tough game for both teams.

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