• NJ Trojan

    Here’s what I’m thinking midway into August:

    SE: Lee, Farmer
    LT: Walker, Tuerk
    LG: Martin, Hobbi
    OC: Holmes, Markowitz
    RG: Martinez, Galten
    RT: Graff, Banner
    QB: Barkley, Wittek
    FB: Vainuku, Pinner
    TB: McNeal, Redd
    FL: Woods, Flournoy

    LE: Townsend, Tavai
    NT: Woods, Heyward
    DT: Uko Williams
    RE: Horton, Breslin
    SL: Bailey, Burnett
    ML: Dawson, Starr
    WL: Pullard, Sarao
    BC: Robey, Shaw
    SS: Starling, Wright
    FS: McDonald, McAllister
    FC: Brown, Harris

    When USC plays a three-receiver set, I’m thinking Flournoy is the guy, at least early in the season. When USC plays nickle, I’m thinking Harris is the guy, assuming he get’s healty before too long, otherwise I’m thinking it will be Shaw. I think if Martin or Martinez oes down, Galten comes in before Hobbi, at least early in the season. I think Wittek wins the #2 QB competition. That DL doesn’t look so shabby does it? As we know, Pullard will slide over ahead of Starr if Dawson goes down. Ruffin seems to have a good shot to move ahead of Burnett.

    USC is about to lose 4-5 DBs so I’m thinking Seymour & Shelton RS unless the position group gets decimated. USC probably only loses 2-3 LBs. Will Starr play this year if the starters remain healthy? Wilson’s probably going to RS, no? One of the best things about that DL is how young it is–they will only lose 2-3. Hopefully Vainuku goes injury-free and Burks is good enough to play ahead of Pinner so Pinner can RS. If Thomas isn’t good-to-go soon, Cope-Fitzpatrick is going to play, no? I’m thinking Wheeler & Simmons will RS for sure & maybe Banner too since Tuerk looks set to back up Walker and Galten can play RT if necessary.