Stealing Already?

The McKay Center is about as hospitable as a prison with its security measures but thieves already stole five laptop computers, four IPads, two cell phones and a wallet from the facility last week

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  • Trojanfan

    What are theives?

  • Trojanfan

    ….one more, who is Deon?

  • snarfy

    Sad trombone for Wolf. Baby want a juice box?

  • LanceKiffin

    Any chance Josh Shirley and Shaq Richardson were on campus?

    My guess is the entire University feels inhospitable to Wolf, I wouldn’t give that dude the time of day on campus.

  • Trojan Rewind

    snarfy…poor baby…I guess you need a bib now

  • Peatstinks

    Wait a minute! But Slow Lame said that the southern cal campus is really safe! And we know Lame never lies…..

  • SaferINWestwood

    No way! really, naaah your kidding, crime over there … AAAAhahaha