VIDEO: Tour of new John McKay Center

Check out my tour of the innovative John McKay Center with Mark Jackson, the senior associate athletic director. video shot by Jill Painter, and editing done by Robert Meeks. it’s worth a look, especially because public tours aren’t scheduled yet and will probably only be on game day in the near future.
Take a look in Matt Barkley’s locker and the slogan that Lane Kiffin has in his team meeting room.

Videos produced by the staff at the Los Angeles Daily News

Jill Painter of L.A. Daily News toured the new John McKay Center at USC Tuesday.

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  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    (Lights up cigar…Brushes dirt off shoulders)….

    Like Phoenix from the ashes, I have risen bitchezzzz…

    Let’s take a state of Troy shall we?

    A). Kiff is back, arrogant as ever, says he wouldn’t vote USC #1, then his visor turns around and votes us #1 where we belong…..When called onto the carpet by whining Bruins and SEC fans, Kiff laughs and throws his vote away.

    B). Jim L. Lessa and his NFL rejects were busy stoking the tire fire out in whattt??? of all places San Berdu??? Wow, is this some kind of modern day version of a failed attempt to recreate Junction Boys? Somebody tell this dude there ARE murders less than a block away from Cal State San Berdu!

    C). Lots of folks handwringing about “lack of depth”…Ok I’ll just drop 50 on you. Herbie voted M. Lee #1 WR in the country meanwhile Kiff keeps ignorning Woody, and all this dude is going to do is set conference records in catches and TD’s….

    D). SC’s recruiting class is #1 in the nation about to set the all time record for average star ranking and we’re on sanctions!! How F’ing arrogant is that! To top it off, the state of the art McKay center opens which basically sharts all over our competition….

    E). USC is setting up to book a flight to Miami in January. Meanwhile I have my room booked at the Delano. I’m sure Scooter has already checked out the “rainbow” friendly establishments in South Beach.

    F). After more than a few months of being banished by CryMexican (aka Thaimex) for being “racially insensitive”, I have returned like MacArthur, to drop Nuclear bombs on CryMexican and my favorite lil lady (who by the way has been a bit shy of late) Charlize….Try as you might Mexican, I WILL NOT LOSE…

    Oh, did ya’ll catch that sign in the football meeting room above Kiff’s head??? Yup, Charlize, I know you saw it….

    Read it and weep gutties:::::

    “WE OWN LA”………..


  • bushwhite

    Is there anything in there to help dawson and his torn calf?

    love the bravado posted above but the bottom line is we do have a depth problem, at this point A sarao is staring at WLB and have no idea is starting at CB opposite Robey..

    not to mention a true freshman is starting at DT in goal line situations and d bailey has his arm in a sling..sorry we won’t get to Miami hoping to win every game 50-47

  • Fart 0330

    I cannot wait to do a fart in that new center. And it will be a big fart and eveyone will run. I will have the center to myself after that. I will poop on the floor then smear my soggy poop on the floor


    You know, Wolf, a little bit of censorship would really help your blog i.e. the above post is about as gross as one can get.

    I had to love the rehab area which looks as long as a city block.

    And it was interesting when the speaker said 95% of those asked did not know who John McKay was. Must not have been Trojans that he asked. But McKay did leave SC in 1975, 37 years ago, so there are a lot of folks who never were exposed to the man.

  • LovetheCapper

    hahahaha. Nice “personal” tour with MJ. Putz.

  • VB

    I’m also glad that the photo they used on one of the pillars in the locker room was comprised of a player hugging South-Central, inner-city, non-alumni losers who sit in the bottom corner of the endzone in seats they failed to scalp across the street in Watts. The same guys who embroider “Simpson” on the backs of their jerseys and talk sh!t before and after the game. Then, when asked what year they graduated USC, they STFU.

    Great photo choice for the locker room!


    So, some examples of the type of people that hate USC are trolls like Bill and Fartboy. Quite the intellectual group of people, huh? Wow.

    50-0 bRuins… fifty to NOTHING

  • Cheap seats 27

    Anyone know if the pre-game hoopla will still be in front of Heritage Hall? Or did they move everything to the new McKay Center?